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Sunday 19 May 2019

Products That I Used To Love / My Old Favorites

Products That I Used To Love
Old Favorites cosmetics

Each of us has or had products in cosmetic bag without which you couldn't imagine your make-up, but unfortunately with the passage of time and endless releasing of new products, they stop being our favorites. About this type of old obsessions is today's post, kind of return to the past.

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up
old favorite foundaton

I remember that it was my favorite foundation something like 6, 7 years ago. There is definitely no other like this one that I've finished out so many bottles. It was probably one of the first brightening foundations on the market when this trend was even not so popular. Currently I don't consider it as a bad foundation but it's more of this type that works only when our skin has this ,,better days''.

2. Avon Supershock Pencil Black & Blue
Avon Supershock  review

Something like 9 years ago a black pencil on the waterline was my real must have. In every single make-up had to be and it seemed to me so attractive and sexy  hehe. Currently, I still like this pencil very much, what you can even notice in the mentionned products in my makeup posts, but I definitely reach for it only when I do smoky eye, not for everyday.

3. Wibo Growing Lashes Stimulator Mascara
Wibo  mascara

It was my absolutely favorite mascara especially for the lower eyelashes, I don't even want to think how many packagings of this I finished. Currently I'm not buying it anymore, but mainly because Wibo is not available in England.

4. Avon Mocha Latte Palette
Avon eyeshadow palette

It was my first palette with brown shades which I used some 7 years ago in every makeup to work or and school, I just couldn't stay away from it. Is definitely not as pigmented as the eyeshadows we currently can get but I still use it with pleasure.

5. C- Thru Pink
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania C thru rozowy

Long time ago I liked such a very sweet scents, plus they was very cheap and is normal that when you going to school you didn't have a lot of your own money, so I could only dreaming about Armani or Dior. Do you remember them?😃

6. Revlon Single Eyeshadow Pure Pearl
Revlon Single Eyeshadow review

I inherited this eyeshadow from my sister or I took it from her, I don't remember exactly: D. For many years before it was even so popular, I applied this shade into my inner corners to brighten up eye a little bit. Now I prefer something more sparkly or highlighter but I still have it somewhere.

7. Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard Multi- shimmer Eye Loose Powder
Bourjois glitter

These are from not so distant times, something like 4 or 5 years ago. I liked very much to add them to my evening party make-up because they are very easy to apply and they don't need special primer glue. Now I use them less often but I still like them.

Do you remember these cosmetics?
Please, share with me what you used 5, 10 years ago I am very curious😊


  1. I knew Avon and Revlon brands, they are great....

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. the Revlon Single Eyeshadow in Pure Pearl looks so pretty and natural ! i need to check it out!


  3. Great products reviews. That Avon palette sounds great.

  4. Great post, I don't use them and this post is very usuful for me.

  5. I never tried these products but that Revlon eyeshadow looks very interesting.

  6. I used to love Bourjois but don't find that brand easily here now:(

  7. I used to use these Bourjois Eye powder too, years ago! Such a memory!
    Maybe I still have some of them too somewhere! ^^

  8. Kojarzę Revlon, pozostałych nie bardzo.

  9. Oh yes I like Balea a lot =) Best regards

    Great products, this all looks really good =)

  10. I also have one Revlon Mono Eyeshadow in Sparkling Snow.
    Have a nice Tuesday :).

  11. Todo es tan bonito! Gracias por tu visita! Feliz día precios@!♥️♥️♥️

  12. Love the glittering palettes! xoxo

  13. Love the C- Thru Pink, I am a fan of sweet scents

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