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Saturday 1 June 2019

L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner Review & Swatches

 L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner Review & Swatches
L.A. Girl Glide Gel opinion review

We don't talk about the eyeliners so much often because is not a popular product but it can completely change the whole make-up.
That's why if you are such eye makeup fans like me, you definitely agree that it is not so easy to find good quality and cheap eye crayons.

Was founded in 1985 and ,, is all about bringing artistry to life by providing premium quality color cosmetics to all makeup users alike - from the savvy beauty junkie to the inspired novice. As an affordable luxury cosmetics brand, L.A. Girl Cosmetics puts a glamorous spin on beauty by creating new ways to inspire expression through the art of color.''
Although the fact that they are so attractive in terms of price, this is my first contact with this brand. Many times I was keeping an eye on their foundation and iconic concealers in the tube but somehow something always stopped me.

mermaid blue swatches review

On last year I really needed a colorful eye crayons and the choice fell on these beauties. They have a soft, gel consistency that doesn't cause any discomfort or irritation which for me is very important because some pencils can be so damn scratchy, is important to be careful because eyes and this areas are very delicate.

silver streak liner swatches review

This is a planing pencil which doesn't bother me personally, although automatics ones are much easier to use and convenient. They cost £4 each for 1.2 g and are available in 19 different color variants. Most of them has metallic finish which looks beautiful both on the waterline and applied also on the eyelid as an eyeliner. It is a pity that they are not available in the shade of metallic juicy red, orange or neon pink. I think that such vibrant colors would interesting many people.

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I have to admit that they surprised me in terms of durability. I tested them in various conditions like in the winter, at high temperatures and they stayed on the waterline for 10 hours perfectly.  Certainly they could last even longer but I do not wear makeup over this time, I work in the 8 hour system so only occasionally I have situations that I have makeup 12 hours or above. They don't smudge, transfer, fade and totally nothing happens with them, they looks like just after applying.

L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner shades swatches

They are really amazing and you can trust them. If you are looking for this type of gel liners, you want to add an interesting colored accent to your make-up and also don't go bankrupt, I honestly can recommend them. I will keep an eye on L.A. Girl, are they expand the offer with new colors and maybe also I will test their pencils with a different finish because they are working perfect for me!

Do you using such liners?
Please let me know what your favorites are👯


  1. Jakie piekne kolory maja! Kupilam ostatnio neonowe i tez bardzo bardzo fajne

    1. Ooo przymierzałam się do ich zakupu ale na stronie sklepu była tylko jedna opinia i nie za bardzo pozytywna:(. Skoro są fajne to kupie jakieś:D A wszystkie odcienie mają taką samą jakość czy lepiej jakiś omijać?:**

  2. Que bonitas fotos!!! todo es genial!!! feliz semana presios@!!! 💚💚💚

  3. Wow ale kolory śliczne! :)

    1. Takie całkiem użytkowe, fajnie że Ci się podobają:***