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Monday 3 June 2019

*Summer with Newchic / Shop Overview

Summer with Newchic / Shop Overview
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Today's post was created in cooperation with the Newchic online store what really makes me happy because of course such occasions like this helps me developing this blog. I hope that it will be interesting for you and maybe you will find something for yourself. 

Newchic is a global brand offering the latest styles to the world which exists since 2015. No matter where in the world you are, their items can be shipped internationally to you via registered tracked mail what is really a great.They offering affordable clothes for both women, men and kids, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, various types of beauty gadgets, shoes, things for the house and garden and also a section for future mums and plus size.  
The assortment is really huge, so everyone definitely will find something for themselves. They often have various types of discounts on their website, thanks to which you can buy the desired items even cheaper, so it is worth using them and checking out the current offers. 

Newchic offer

What distinguishes this store compared to others is a mega easier way of choosing a size. As we know in different parts of the world, countries we have a different size guide, so when we buying in foreign stores, we can't choose the perfect size for ourselves. On Newchic despite the fact that every item has dimensions included in the description we also have options to choose size in Us, Ca, Uk, Au, Eu, Fr, Ru, It, Ja, Br, Asia ,In which is truly extremely useful and helpful. I know that many times before I've ordered for myself too small or too big clothes only because was available only in the American sizes. This refer to both clothes and shoes what it's really great. 

Newchic choose perfect size for you guide

Summer is coming, so is worth to start thinking about it and prepare yourself, your family and wardrobe. Because of this reason, I have a short overview of what you can find on the Newchic store website. This is of course, only a very small portion of their assortment, so I encourage you to check out by yourself, maybe something will be more in your style what wasn't included in today's post or you will find interesting things on other departments too.  

🌞Summer with Newchic🌞

Newchic dress eview
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Personally, I love to wear dresses because it is the easiest part of a wardrobe to stylize which depending on the needs and occasions, can add charm, girlishness or sex appeal. 

Newchic bikini

Do you want your body to always look smooth, sexy but you already have enough of constant regrowth of hair? I recommend investing in a laser hair removal thanks to which you avoid skin irritation, you will save a lot of time and money. On Newchic you can find such lasers at affordable prices that will last for many years. An additional advantage is the function of selecting the adapter depending on the country in which you live what is really mega smart because I live in Uk where the socket unlike other European countries have three pins.  

Newchic shoes review

Newchic makeup

I know from experience that at high temperatures I often prefer a minimalist and quick make-up. Only waterproof eyeliner thanks to which you can freely enjoy the benefits of summer and the eyeshadow palette in your favorite shades, that's all you need. 

Newchic accessories

Summer is the perfect moment for experiments. Have you always dreamed about short wavy hair, curly, different color or long but you are afraid of drastic solutions such as cutting or dyeing? On Newchic you will find affordable wigs thanks to which you can totally refresh your image and surprise friends. 

Did you know the Newchic before?
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