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Friday, 17 January 2020

New Brushes Review / Morphe, Beauty Bay, Hank & Henry

New Brushes Review / Morphe, Beauty Bay, Hank & Henry
eye brush beauty bay, morphe and Hank & Henry opinion

On Black Friday sales I managed to get some new brushes and it's time to tell you a bit about them and summarize whether they are worth buying or not. If you are currently on the brush hunt, this post may be useful for you.

Beauty Bay Rose Gold Glam Round The Blend Blending Brush
Beauty Bay Blending Brush review

This is for me the perfect replacement for the blending brush from Iconic London. Both have synthetic bristles of the same shape and size. They blend eyeshadows on the same way, I don't see any significant difference at work. Only why the price of a brush from Beauty Bay is lower is the visible worse quality of the handle.

Iconic London Blending Brush cheap dupe

In Iconic London is made of non-slip something like rubber thanks to which inscriptions doesn't fade / disappear and look even after years still like new, the Beauty Bay Rose Gold Blending Brush has a classic lacquered handle just like in most of other companies. For me, it is definitely more profitable to buy a few Beauty Bay brushes than one from Iconic London.

Beauty Bay Rose Gold Glam Get Lippy Lip Brush
Beauty Bay Lip Brush opinion

Another brush from Beauty Bay, which I bought to try but for sure not the last one because they have nice quality for a low price. Costs £2 but you can often find it on the sale even cheaper, I bought it for £1.60, so really lovely. It is theoretically intended for the lips and works great for this purpose, but thanks to its small size I love to use it to fill a cute crease. Gives me much better precision and control over filling or creating a cut crease. This is a particularly good option for people who just starting learning this technique. If you have small eyelids or are looking for something precise, it will also be great for applying eyeshadow on wet.

Hank & Henry Monica Mini Blending Brush
Hank & Henry Brushes review

On the pictures it may look like a typical blending brush while it is much much smaller. Is more dedicated to blending edges than the entire eyeshadow. If you were looking at photos of make-up artists and wondered how girls do their eyeshadows that, for example after the cut crease shade look very clean and soft on a smaller surface, these mini blending brushes are created for this type of work.

Mini Blending Brush vs regular Blending Brush

It costs £7.75 so its the most expensive from the whole list but it also looks the most luxurious. White hands with black gravers and very soft ombre bristles gives it class and professionalism. I love to use it and I think that in the future I will buy more brushes from Hank & Henry because the quality is amazing!

Morphe Pro Flat Liner Definer Brush (M432)
Morphe M432 review

It may not be the most versatile and useful brush shape, but if you love makeup and want to develop in that direction, sometimes you also need something like that. Personally, I like to use it to clean the eyebrow arch, graphic lines, in the inner corner, clean the eyeliner line to make it looks more even and sharp, so really has many purposes. Everything depends only on our creativity and preferences. It has synthetic hair and costs £6, so not that bad. The only thing I can complain about is not a very elegant looking, rather such orange bristles is associated with a cheap cheesy brushes. It cleans well, nothing has happened, so if you are looking for something like this I can recommend M432.

What are your favorite brush brands?
Do you like to buy new brushes?


  1. Hello! Good brushes! Heva a nice weekend ♥

  2. Love these brushes <3 Wonderful Post! Have a great day!

  3. Ładne te pędzle 😍
    Ja nie mam ulubionych pędzli ,nie kieruje się przy wybieraniu pędzli ,tym że sa lepszej marki bo wiem że niekiedy te tańsze ,dłużej służą ☺

  4. My cheap favorite brushes are by wet n' wild. These look really good.

  5. Good to have different shapes of brushes, versatile !

  6. I love good brushes, I had had some new and good brushes recently. These also look very good.

  7. Interesting products thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice brushes.


  9. Great brushes! Fabulous prices too!

  10. Thanks for showing your new brushes. I like them. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  11. These brushes look very beautiful. I didn't try any of them but I would like. Thank you for recommendation.

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  12. They look very good. Now I don't need brushes but I liked them

  13. Nie ma to jak dobry pędzel! Wtedy można działać cuda :)

  14. So nice brushes. I love the M432



  15. Nice bruhes, thanks for showing (:

  16. Those brushes are so nice, I like the brand Morphe and lately I have found some products in Marshall's.

  17. Nice brushes, thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugsss, Caty

  18. These brushes all sound like a solid investment. I like Morphe brushes as well but I'm most partial to Artis at the moment.

  19. That seems to be great products :)
    I'm following you now and I would be happy
    if you have the time and desire to follow my blog.

    LG Katrin


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