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Saturday 29 February 2020

New Makeup Releases February

new makeup launches february march

February is the shortest month of the year, but in the beauty industry quite a lot has happened. There were several new collaborations, brands and interesting collections, both Valentine's and regular, so I invite you to a monthly review of a new products :).

1. Melt Cosmetics Modern Love Collection  £48 Palette, £15 Gel Liner 

Definitely the most eye-catching from this collection is the palette that contains both cool blues and warm pinks which is really an original combination. I planning to buy a Melt palete but I don't know if this one hmm, what do you think?

2. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer  $38

3. Huda Beauty
Wishful Skincare   £34
Wishful is a new Huda's brand dedicated to skin care. I like her makeup products but they known for quite intense fragrances so probably here will be similar. I will be looking at her further launches but so far I am not encouraged to buy.

Pastel Obsessions Palettes  £27

4. Bobbi Brown Skin Long Wear Fluid Powder Foundation  $40

5. Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30  £49

6. BH Cosmetics Truffle Blush Collection  $12

The Truffle Blush collection contains 9 color variants, thanks to which everyone regardless of complexion, preferences and skin tone will find something for themselves.

7. No7 The Full 360 Ultra Mascara  £10.20

8. Beauty Bay Skincare  £7.50 Clay Mask, £6.75 Toner, £5 - £6.50 Serum, £5.95 Acne Stickers, £7 Moisturiser, £6.50 Cleansing Gel

Beauty Bay released their own skin care range at very affordable prices, that's why I already bought a clay mask and serum. If you are interested about my opinion, there will be a review soon;)

9. Fenty What It Dew Refreshing Spray  £24

10. Natasha Denona The Love Story Collection  £51 Face Palette, £60 Eyeshadow Palette, £24 Lip Gloss

This year's Valentine's Natasha collection looks really beautiful. Somewhere I see this Valentine vibe but I'm glad it's not that sweety pink or red. Very nice collection, certainly will find a lot of fans but I'm not tempted.

11. Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Away Body Bronzing Sticks  £36

12. Urban Decay Wired Collection  £39 Palette, £16 Eye Pencil, £19 Lip Gloss, £19 Liner

Seems to me that they had a similar palette before hmm. Lack of originality and idea 😐

13. Wet n Wild x Bretman Rock Jungle Rock collection  From $4.99  To $14.99

14. Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection  £54 Palette, £45 Bundle, £16 Lip Gloss, £25 or £22 Mirror, £19 Straws

Honestly, I expected a little more saturated, dark purple and generally something else. This palette is beautiful but didn't impress me enough to buy it. Do you like the Jeffree's concept?

15. Ciate Everyday Vacay Setting Powder  $22

16. Makeup Revolution
 Conceal & Define Infinite Concealer  £6

The newest concealer from Revolution is supposed to be even more coverage than the original Conceal&Define version. If you have a lot of bruising or other problems to cover on your face then this may be a nice option for you, however I personally have to use up everything that I already have first and then I may be tempted. What do you think about this launch?

Makeup Revolution Glass Skin Collection  From £5 To £10 

Revolution x Kitulec Collection  £12 Each

This is a cooperation with Polish influencer which makes me very happy but the shades of these palettes are totally not for me.

17. Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser  59ml £14, 118ml £27

18. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 Palette & Brushes  £39 / £99
Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Volume 2 Palette & Brushes

I think everyone thought that because Jacklyn has already own brand  she will stop promoting Morphe so much but meanwhile they released togather palette again, as well as the collection of brushes. The latest palette is the continuation of the first part and is to complement the original. It seems really well composed but it is nothing that we wouldn't see before.

19. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation  £‌49

20. ColourPop 
Sailor Moon Collection  $20 Palette, $9 Glitter Gel, $12 Blush, $8 Lip Gloss

Do you remember this cartoon?📺

Lux Gloss  $8 Each

21. Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer  $52

This is a liquid version of their iconic primer Silk Canvas.

22. Smashbox
Vitamin Glow Primer  $39

Infused with vitamins B, C & E to help brighten, hydrate & revitalize your skin. Start glowing before anyone else. 

Halo Glow Highlighter Duo & Halo Fresh Perfecting Powder Foundation £32

23. Maybelline The Falsies Instant Lash Lift Look Lengthening Volumising Mascara  £9.99

24. Carolina Herrera Cosmetics Available Soon

25. Estee Lauder
Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment with Ferment²+ Vitamin C 50ml £86

 Estee Lauder x James Goldcrown Collection  $50 Palette, $32 Lipstick

26. Real Techniques 3 in 1 Adjustable Blender Brush  Available Soon

27. Zoeva 
Authentic Skin Perfector Concealer & 146 Concealer Perfector Brush  £15 Each
Zoeva   Authentic Skin Perfector Concealer & 146 Concealer Perfector Brush

 Visionary Light Powders  £20.50
zoeva new  Visionary Light Powders

28. Viseart Paris Nude Palette  £31

There were really a lot of new launches on this month,
something catch your attention, did you buy anything or you planning to?
Have a lovely weekend❗


  1. brushes designs look pretty....I believe the product is good

  2. There was so many new products release in February. I can't wait to try Armani Concealer and By Terry foundation.

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    1. I am also interested in this concealer, the more that I have seen many positive reviews but the price scares me a bit: **Regards !!

  3. There were some great new releases this month! The Melt Cosmetics, Jeffree Star and Colourpop x Sailor Moon collection caught my eye! Thanks for sharing! :)


    1. Your choices are really pretty😍😍 Thanks for visiting my blog:**

  4. So many great products! :)

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    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘

  5. The Luminous silk Concealer sounds great, I tried the Luminous Silk Foundation today for the first time and its wonderful. The Huda palettes look beautiful.

    1. Ooo good to know, I've never had anything from him because these prices: D😘😘

  6. So many beautiful and necessary new products. I liked the palette of shadows from Estee Lauder and Huda :)

    1. I saw Huda's reviews and they are supposed to have good quality :) :**

  7. the blush collection looks superb!

  8. So many fabulous new products right now! xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment:***

  9. So many great products coming out! I got the Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer and have been really liking it!

    1. Oh thanks for the info, great that you like it💙💙

  10. So many new products. And great colours. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

    1. Super that you liked this post, regards my love😍

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  12. Oooh, so many things I want NOW!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Hehe😁 And what the most caught your attention?😘😘

  13. So many beauty products I want in there,
    I love to have that palette and the Armani concealer.
    And I'd love to try the Maybeline falsies.


    1. I am also interested in this concealer, the more that I have seen many positive reviews but the price scares me a bit: D

  14. So many exciting new releases. I have my eye on that Estee Lauder Brightening Treatment.

    1. Ooo, let me know if you decide to buy this serum, is it good or not😘😘 Regards

  15. Some good and colourful products :-D

    1. Super that you liked this post, regards my love😍😍

  16. I would like to try all the products

  17. Wow, things have changed since I used makeup on a regular basis!

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