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Sunday 22 March 2020

The Best Morphe Brushes? Morphe x Jeffree Star

The Best Morphe Brushes?   Morphe x Jeffree Star
Morphe eye brushes

The brushes presented today come from last year's collaboration between influencer Jeffree Star and brand Morphe, so they have been on the market for some time. Earlier I didn't intend to buy them, however I just came across -50% and because of brushes are always needed, we never have enough of them hehe, I decided why not to buy them😁.

Set The Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection comes from their second collaboration which also included a Artistry palette £35, Eyes & face brush set £48, Set and refreshing mist £18, Lip bundle £24, Sponge Trio £16 and previously they had created together Nude lip bungle £24 and Eyes & face brush set £48 .
Of course Jeffree's favorite color that can be the most associated with him is pink, therefore all collaboration is maintained in this shade. At the beginning I admit that they seemed a bit tacky and cheap until I saw them in person, they actually look very cool and liked by many people around me. The whole set contains 10 brushes dedicated to eyes makeup and a vanity case where you can take them with you on a trip or store.

Jeffree Star morphe collections

Costs £40 but of course you can often use all kinds of codes on Morphe website for -10, 15 and more, I was able to buy them for half the price, so I think I did a great deal.
The handles are lacquered, quite long and well balanced (they are not light, you can feel them in your hand), which makes them comfortable to use and gives the impression of being more expensive than they actually are. On every brush is engraved logo Morphe x Jeffree Star and brush number JS5 - JS14 by white font. So far I using them for the second month, I have cleaned them regularly and they haven't faded or nothing happened with them, but obviously these things come out after few years.

morphe brushes opinion

morphe The Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection

Brushes are made of two types of bristles Synthetic - pink and Natural - white. As for the first one, it's really fantastic, wonderfully grab pigment, wash well and I am very pleased with them. They are especially useful if you do not like to apply eye shadows by your finger, some formulas are quite hard to "stick to the brush" to gives this metallic, shiny effect but these are perfect for that. Thanks to which we also gain better precision and control.
I noticed that since I have these brushes my make-ups are kind of more well done. The second type of bristles namely white, has some drawbacks unfortunately. Working with them is comfortable but certain shades can stain them which is quite normal and during cleaning process better to use special hair protectors because they deforms very easily. As for its softness, they not scratchy and still comfortable but not as delicate as, for example Zoeva.

The Jeffree Star Eye Brush Collection

In general, in my opinion this is a great collaboration and not a cash grab as it often happens. I really like that set contains several models of blending and flat ones brushes because they are always truly the most needed.
The smaller JS13 brush is also less compact than the typical ones of this type, has more like normal bristles, making it more comfortable and gentle for the eyes. If you are looking for a good budget brush set for eyes makeup, I can truly recommend this one co-created with Jeffree, I am convinced that you will be enjoy and I totally agree with all positive opinions.

Jeffree Star cosmetics palette

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  1. I want this set and the face set annnnd the palette LOL :)

    1. Pędzle są naprawdę fajne aż jestem zaskoczona ich jakościom:D :**

  2. I want this set too! I love pink!

    1. I'm sure you would be pleased with this purchase:**

  3. It looks like a really good set of brushes :-D

  4. WoW - Powerful Color - Love The Butterfly


  5. I will have to check this out. I need a new foundation brush I ran it under water to clean it and loosened the glue and now it sheds like crazy.

    Allie of

    1. Good foundation brushes are from Hakuro, they have great quality:*:*

  6. Sou apaixonada por pinceis!!!
    Ja te sigo.


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  8. I love those brushes, they look very professional.

    1. They are really great and you can also buy them quite cheap when they on sale: D :**

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