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Thursday 19 March 2020

Past Few Months Favorites < December, January, February, March>

2020 monthly cosmetic Favorites

Over the past few months I had many new cosmetics in my hands, mainly because of my birthday and Christmas, so it's a perfect time to select the ones that are most worth the picking up. They are the first favorites in 2020, so I warn you that the list is quite long: D.

Colourpop Glass Bull Single Eyeshadow
Glass Bull swatches

I really like the quality of the Colourpop eye shadows but this shade has especially stol my heart. It is perfect for such a quick but spectacular make-up when I don't want to bother what to use but want to look like I'm putting a lot of effort. Beautiful duochrom that is not so overwhelming thanks to which even fans of a very neural, delicate makeup will love it. If I had to recommend only one shade from Colourpop it would be this one and I'm not surprised that this is their bestseller.

Lancome Advanced Génifique Serum
Lancome the best serum

It was love from the first use. Makes my skin smooth, moisturized, soft to the touch and in a much better condition. I will definitely buy a full-size package because it's worth the higher price tag. A wonderful option also as a gift for mother, girlfriend or sister etc.

Revlon Candid Foundation
candid review

Since my skin is in great shape, I started to appreciate more natural, light wear foundations like Revlon Candid. It's long lasting, looks fresh and natural and is extremely comfortable. I wore it very often in recent months, so it had to be include here.

Cien Dry Shampoo Sweet Pink
lidl Dry Shampoo review

If you like Batiste dry shampoo then this is really its cheaper dupe. Extend the hair freshness and also smells beautifully floraly, so is truly worth trying. Will also works great regardless are you blond or brunette because it has no color.

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette
Sunrise Palette review and swatches

Since Valentine's Day I used it very often, you could even see some make-ups on Instagram. Wonderful quality, performance, color story, only the price could be lower. If you love warm tones and have a free budget then you will be pleased. Wonderful eyeshadows❗

Morphe x Jeffree Star Eye Brush Set
Jeffree Star brushes

Morphe brushes can be a hit or miss, but these are really great quality. I don't want to write about them for a long because there will be a separate post soon, but they are super cool. What impressed me the most in this set was the selection of models, we have a lot of these types of brushes that are not usually found. If you are looking for a useful, perfect eye set in which you will use every single brush, I highly recommend.

Olay Complete 3in1 Cream Night Moisturiser
olay night face cream

I have been using this cream for around six months and I have to admit that it really moisturizes the skin but at the same time is very light wear. This formula is very similar to Elizabeth Arden 'Visible Difference, which one was my favorite before. A great option especially for a combination type complexions.

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Palette
BPerfect colourfull palette

Since I got this palette I use it all the time because it's just perfection! Wonderful quality, easy to work with and these wonderful shades, just how can you not love her ?! I created a lot of really diverse and cool looks and for sure there will be even more in the future. Must have for every eyeshadow and color lover 💗

Calvin Klein Women Perfume
Calvin Klein fragrance

I discovered this scent thanks to my sister when I was on holiday at home. Extremely elegant, fresh and slightly unisex fragrance that lasts a long time. A perfect fragrance for everyday, evening and for every season of the year. Has as for me something little bit spicy, masculine in the good way if you know what I mean.

Bergamo Specialist SNA Nine Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules
Bergamo Hyaluron

This is a Korean cosmetic that I got for a gift and I have to admit that it works really well. My skin is more soft, moisturized and plumpy after the first use. This is probably the first hyaluronic serum that my skin loved so much, before very often I didn't see any effect. My current must have for the autumn and winter period.

Colourpop Joy Ride Eyeliner
colourpop the best eye products

I used this eyeliner so often that at some point I had to say stop: D This is a great alternative to the usual, traditional black and if you want to introduce something new to your makeup routine but still not overt intimidating. I also have the impression that even the most ordinary makeup looks more sexy and spectacular with this eyeliner.

leisure haden hill

I have another favorite but this time not cosmetic, namely since November I go to the gym regularly. Before I didn't like this type of physical effort and I was always not consistent, goes several times and found excuses to stop, but now it brings me a lot of fun. Unfortunately, from 2 weeks throughout the whole virus situation I have to exercise at home but as soon as everything returns to normal, I will definitely go back to regular trainings and I encourage you to also live healthier and more active. 

And what are your cosmetic or other last months favorites?
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  1. Lovely palette and how hand is dry shampoo! :-D

    1. And at an affordable price much cheaper than Batist😀


  2. It is a pity that you cannot see how does it like to paint on the body

  3. Love your faves! really been looking into JS x Morphe brushes :)

    Hugs from NYC

    1. Musisz je koniecznie mieć:D Widziałam, że znowu są promocje na -50%😀 :*:*Buziaczki kochana!!

  4. Sporo tych nowości się u Ciebie uzbierało ☺
    Paleta Natashy wpadła mi w oko ☺

    1. Tak wyszło hehe, spora część to akurat prezenty❤ Jest piękna dlatego mega się cieszę, że ją dostałam bo sama bym sobie pewnie nigdy na nią nie pozwoliła:):**Buziaczki

  5. Love your faves, amazing differents products


  6. I'm So Happy For You On The Working Out Front - Doors Are Opening - Adventures Await - Be Well & Stay Strong


  7. Oooh! Love these different favorites you've had for the past few months! The brushes look super cute. It is great that you've been going to the gym regularly too!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. I hope that the quarantine will end quickly and I will be able to return because at home it is not the same :(

  8. Love that ND palette!


  9. Sunrise looks likes such a beautiful palette! Great favourites xx


    1. It's a dream for every warm tones lover😍😍

  10. The Colourpop shade, shadow palettes and brushes is what I liked the most, kiss