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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Gosh Mascara Catchy Eyes vs Version Drama

Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara
Gosh Catchy Eyes Drama opinion

Mascara Catchy Eyes from Gosh is one of my old time favorite and it is certainly no surprise to those of you who have been reading me for a long time because has appeared on this blog many times. Some time ago I got a drama version from my sister, so let's check out if it really gives an even more visible and spectacular effect ?!

Brand Gosh is rather not very popular, I rarely see reviews of their cosmetics in social media and honestly I don't follow their new releases either. If I am not mistaken, the previous Catchy Eyes mascara I also got from my sister, it was one of the most often bought mascaras in her drugstore and I am not surprised because I also fell in love with this one. The drama version has a very similar packaging only this time in a beige color. The packaging was made out of 50% ocean waste plastic, as producer claims for each packaging their use 2 plastic bags from the sea which is really impressive. Costs £8.49 for 10ml and you can get it both in-store and online.
Her rubber brush is also very simmilar, has the same curve shape but is much larger than the original version and more separated. At the beginning it scared me a bit, I'm not really a fan of such huge brushes, but with time you get used to it. After application the eyelashes are much blacker, separated, has more volume and definition. It doesn't clump them together in one, even with several layers, doesn't flake off during the day and doesn't transfer on the upper eyelid. Is it a spectacular effect of false eyelashes? Definitely not. For me, it is such a visible effect but still perfect for everyday. When you wants them to looks like after a good conditioner but still natural. It's not that different from her pink sister, she's just a bit better. If I had to choose which one is better, then for sure Drama Version but I would just purchase the one that is cheaper or on which there is currently a good offer because both are great. It's also allergy certified and vegan.

Gosh Mascara Catchy Eyes Drama <Beige>
Gosh beige Mascara effect

Gosh Mascara Catchy Eyes  <Pink>
Gosh Mascara Catchy Eyes pink one effect

Do you like Gosh products or do you avoid them in stores?
Have you tried their mascaras?


  1. Nie miałam jeszcze tych tuszy do rzęs. Bardzo ładnie podkreślają rzęsy 😊

    1. Fajnie, że podoba Ci się efekt:**Może kiedyś będziesz miała okazję wtedy polecam się skusić 😘😍

  2. Aktualnie używam ten tusz i go uwielbiam :)

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    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘