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Sunday 26 July 2020

Yellow & Orange Eyeshadows Palettes Available On The Market

Yellow & Orange Eyeshadows Palettes Available On The Market

It's still summer in Europe and none of the colors is so much associated with heat and this time of the year like yellow or orange. If you want such a sunny, warm make-up look and you are looking for a palette with this color story, I have an overview for you available ones on the market in 2020.

Palettes with specific colors story are a series available on my blog. They were started by the cool tones, later we discussed about blue and green team, purple and neutrals, so it's time for warmer shades 🦊. I know that it is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, took me long time to convinced myself especially to yellow, but such makeup can also look phenomenal and is sometimes worth leaving your comfort zone.

🍋 Yellow Team 💛

Colourpop Honey  $12                                                                          Midas Lemonade  $18
Colourpop Honey      Midas Lemonade

Focallure Smile  $9.99                                                                                Primark Honey  £5
Focallure Smile                           Primark Honey

Makeup Revolution Viva Neon Electric Dreams         Beauty Glazed Lemon

Profusion Citrine

🍊 Orange Team 🧡

Colourpop Orange You Glad?  $12                                        Give Me Glow Extra Spicy $41
Colourpop Orange You Glad?      Give Me Glow Extra Spicy

Huda Beauty Neon Orange £27 & Coral £25 Obsessions  
Huda Beauty Neon Orange                          Huda Beauty coral

Makeup Revolution Viva Neon Not A Dream  £6                          Lottie London Ibiza £5.95
Makeup Revolution Viva Neon Not A Dream             Lottie London Ibiza

Bh Cosmetics Sorbet Orange  $18                                                          Nars Afterglow  £56
Bh Cosmetics Sorbet Orange      Nars Afterglow

Natasha Denona Sunset  £111                                                            Viseart Warm Edit  £30
Natasha Denona Sunset                   Viseart Warm Edit

September Rose Brew  £19.99                                                   Violet Voss Coral Crush $42
      September Rose BrewViolet Voss Coral Crush
Kylie Cosmetics Peach Extended $45                               Laroc Pro Bakery Box  £24.99    
Kylie Cosmetics Peach Extended      Laroc Pro Bakery Box

🌞 Both 🎃

NORVINA® Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 3   

Karabeauty Orange Pop  $14.99                                      Georgies Cosmetics Fire  £24.99  
Karabeauty Orange Pop                       Georgies Cosmetics Fire

Artist Couture Caliente  $30                                        Kaleidos Makeup Futurism Neon $24
Artist Couture Caliente      Kaleidos Makeup Futurism Neon

Revolution Colour Book CB03  £15                       Lick And Lash Beauty The Spice £15.95

Chentilly Cosmetics Suns Out Buns Out  $20                                   Tarte Spicy Betch  £21

Peachy Queen Spicy Sriracha  $29.99                                  Lime Crime Venus XS  £18.50  

Do you use orange and yellow eyeshadows?
If you know about any other palettes in this color scheme that I have not included, please let me know :)


  1. Chociaż żółty nie jest moim ulubionym kolorem ,to niektóre z tych paletek bardzo mi się podobają 😍

    1. Ooo to super kochana, cieszę się że Ci się podobał ten post 💛💛 Buziaczki!

  2. wow, lovely summer lemon and orange. I am glad summer has arrived for you. Have fun

    1. Now is so hot in the UK that I'm already fed up with this summer hehe: D Thanks for visiting💛🧡

  3. yellow is one of great colors.....

    Have a great weekend

    1. Always associate so nice and happy:) For you too💛🧡

  4. Such colorful makeup for eyes. Good choice dear!

  5. These all look great. Bold colours are great :-D

  6. Nie używałam nigdy tych palet, ale widzę, że mają bardzo ładne odcienie i na pewno bym się z nimi polubiła :)

  7. Absolutely tasty =) Best regards

    Many beautiful palettes with yellow and orange colours =) My favourite would be Lottie London Ibiza <3

    1. It's really pretty, I totally agree and it's surprisingly cheap: D Thanks for visiting💛🧡

  8. Sempre bom ficar a par de tantas paletas bonitas!
    Adorei o post! Beijinhos

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘