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Saturday 10 October 2020

New Makeup Releases September

New Makeup Releases September

Septembers new releases I have for you, unfortunately a bit later because it was a crazy month for me. Moving, later lack of internet and my flat was flooded, so I wasn't boring hehe; D. I hope that I will catch up everything on the blog quickly and return to the old rhythm.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Collection  Soft Glam II Palette £30, Mini Lip Gloss Set £29, Mini Lash Brag Ornament £14, Perfect Your Brows Kit £27, Insta Brows Kit £27
Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Collection

Mini palettes are now very trendy, so great that ABH has also released one of the most popular palette- Soft Glam, in this format.

2. Nars Air Matte Lip Colour  Available From November

3. BH Cosmetics Drop Dead Gorgeous Halloween Collection  Palette £16, Mini Palette £11.95, Blood £10.50, Brush Set £15.50
BH Cosmetics Drop Dead Gorgeous Halloween Collection

Both palettes remind me of Revolution😎😎

4. Wishful Skin Get Even Rose Oil  £55

5. Beauty Bay 
Sunset Horizons & Book Of Magic Palette  £15

Beauty Bay palettes formula have generally very positive reviews, I have one myself and I like her very much, and the prices also encourage to buy: D. For now, I don't need new eyeshadows but if you like the colors story of any of them, it is worth give them a chance.

Powder Blush  £6

Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow Trio Polaris  Trio £15  Each One £6
6. Milani Alter Ego Halloween Collection  Palette $13.99, Lip Gloss $8.99, Metallic Shimmer Lipsticks $8.99, Face Gems $9.99
Milani Alter Ego Halloween Collection

7. Beauty Bakerie Butter Hydrasilk Primer  $24

8. Morphe Make It Big Mascara  £12

The brush seems to be one of the ones that I don't like very much and I also prefer to buy mascaras of brands that are available in drugstores :)

9. Makeup Revolution x Friends Collection  From £6 To £20 
Makeup Revolution x Friends Collection

I like the Friends tv show very much, but I don't like this collection 😥. It turned out a little too boring and predictable ..

10. Huda Beauty Haze Palettes  £27 Each
Huda Beauty Haze Palettes

11. Olehenriksen Holiday 2020 Juice Sets  £60, £42 

12. La Girl Keep It Playful Eyeshadow Palettes  $11

The first palette reminds me of the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions that some time ago I planned to buy, so her cheaper dupe seems to be a great option. And what do you think about them?

13. Colourpop 
Coast To Coral Collection  Palette $14, Blush $8, Eye Set $22, Gel Liner $6, Ultra Glossy Lip $7, Highlighter $10, Eyeliner $7, Face Milk $14, Shimmering Dry Oil Mini
$10, Full Collection Set $89

Colourpop x Disney Hocus Pocus Collection for Halloween  Palette $22, Glitter Gel $9, Gel Liner $8, Lashes $9, Set Of Lashes $25, Lux Lipstick Kit $16, Set With Palette $41

Sandstone Collection  Palette $22, Lippie Stix $7, Crème Gel Liner $6, Crème Shadow $8, Crème ShadowSet $28, Face Serum $16, Sol Shimmering Dry Oil Mini $10

14. Beauty Blender Shinelighter Glass Glow  £22

Nice that the Beauty Blender brand is also entering the world of cosmetics and not only focusing on the new colors of sponges: D.

15. Urban Decay Holiday Collection  Stoned Palette £46, Highlighter £30, Eyeshadow Primer Potion £19.50, Perversion Duo £30, Bestsellers Gift Set £62, Eye Gift Set £55, Perversion Mascara And Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner £30, Eyeshadow Primer Potion Duo £30, Setting Spray Travel Ornament £12, Stoned Collection £187, All Nighter Setting Spray Duo £39, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil £16

16. Nabla Viper Lip Plumper  £16.95

17. Sigma Holiday Collection  Rendezvous Palette £23.25, Cheek Duo £28, Mini Lip Set £31.25, Brush Set £20, Whole Collection £70.50

Mega elegant and beautiful collection. Sigma has been surprising recently and leaving previously popular brands behind.

18. Laneige Lemon Sorbet & Mint Choco  $22 Each

19. Zoeva Share Your Radiance Collection  Palette £19, Cocotte Set ( 80g, 39g ) £32.50, Radiance Brush Vault £78, 228 Crease Brush £10, 106 Powder Brush £15, 104 Buffer Brush £16.50, Make up Artist Zoe Bag £220 
20. Eveline Cosmetics Wonder Match Skin Absolute Perfection Foundation  £9

I got this foundation from my sister for testing, so the review should appear on next week 👌

21. Lush Halloween Collection 2020  From £1.50 To £29

22. Lime Crime Holiday 2020 Collection  Mini Palette £30, Large Palette £46, Cream Lipstick £16, Lip Gloss Set £18, Hair Color £13, Mini Lip Set £16, Poppin Lip Gloss £19
Lime Crime Holiday 2020 Collection

23. Dominique Cosmetics The Soft-Focus Nude Lips Collection  Lipstick $20, Lip Liner $18 

24. Revolution Etc.
Revolution Conceal & Glow Foundation  £9.99
The manufacturer's promises seem very similar to the Conceal & Hydrate version, which is one of the worst foundations I had last year. I think that Conceal & Define is better for my combination skin, but if you have dry skin it may be ok for you.

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Mini Palettes  £6.99 Each

The colors and format of these palettes is a nice idea, while the original, larger version is cheaper, so worth considering before buying.

Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Mattifying  Moisture Cream £10, Cleansing Gel £8, Priming Drops £8, Blotting Papers £4, Essence Spray £6, Mattify Boost £10
Makeup Revolution Precious Glamour Collection  Lipstick £8, Mascara £8.99, Palette £12, Lip Gloss £6.99, Highlighter £8, Loose Body Shimmer £10, Mini Palette £8

25. Essence Lash Princess False Lash Collection  £2.79
26. Bobbi Brown High Barre Eyeshadow Palette  $59

27. MAC Frosted Firework Holiday2020 Collection  Lipstick £17.50, Mini Lip Gloss Kit £25, Skinfinish Trio Palette £30, Lip Gloss £16.50, Foil Eyeshadow £17.50, Highlighter £27, Eye Pencil £16, Brush Set £55, Lipstick Set £55

28. Barry M Velvet Matte Lip Paint Collection  £4.99

29. Sephora Favorites POP Set  $15

30. Marc Jacobs Very Merry Cherry Collection  Palette $49.50, Lipstick $32, Mascara $27
Marc Jacobs Very Merry Cherry Collection

Something caught your attention?
There are already a lot of Christmas collections and Advent calendars appearing in stores, are you buying any or is it too soon for you?


  1. That sure is a lot of nice things. Gosh, you really did have quite a September and I'm sure the flood was not pleasant at all!

    1. Ohh noo:( Especially that now I have all the floors to replace :(

  2. Ile wspaniałych kosmetyków :) Paletki są takie piękne i miałabym problem która z tych wybrać :) Ten podkład eveline mnie kusi :)

    1. Podkład jest fajny taki na codzień ale nie ma jakiejś mega trwałości:( 😘😘

  3. Some great and colourful releases :-D

  4. Hi,
    This was a really amazing and interesting post to read.
    ¡Oh my God, how many wonderful cosmetics!
    I've tried almost all brands but the most I like is Sunset Horizons and Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Collection.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Wow, you are definitely the same beauty lover as I am: D

  5. Wow, so many releases, thanks for sharing. :)
    I love that colourpop collection. :)

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘

  6. Wow! It is very refreshing to see these new releases. I need to try the Laneige Lemon Sorbet an the Anastasia mini palettes.

    1. This palette is really cute 😘😘 Thanks for visiting !!

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    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘

  8. Bardzo ładna jest ta pierwsza paleta 😍

  9. So best makeups, i want all


  10. So much to put on my wish list! Lovely list. Awesome inspiration!

    1. What's your favorite? 😘😘 Thanks for visiting !!

  11. Love to have the SOL products. A lot of goodies to choose from! Beautiful treasure!

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘