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Sunday 18 July 2021

Nivea Skin Care Review

 Nivea Hit, Miss Or Just Ok?!
Nivea Skin Care Review

Nivea is a well-known brand for all of us and it is easily available in virtually every country, so I thought that the reviews of their cosmetics could be extremely helpful and useful. That's why, I cordially invite you to checking out my opinion about face gel and micellar water.

Nivea Rose Care Micellar Face Wash Gel 
Nivea Rose  Gel opinion

From Producer
NIVEA Rose Care Micellar Face Wash Gel – Enjoy the power and indulgent fragrance of Organic Rose Water every time you cleanse! The Wash Gel with Organic Rose water brings gentle but thorough cleansing, removing dirt and impurities to leave the skin clean and refreshed. The non-drying formula with Organic Rose Water and Micellar technology purifies the skin and moisturises to help keep its natural moisture balance – for a clean and refreshed skin feeling. Method of application: Apply to a wet face and neck. Massage gently in small circles. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Ideal for daily use. For best results: use in combination with NIVEA Rose Care collection – Rose Care Micellar Water & Rose Care Micellar 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner Product benefits: • Cleanses thoroughly & purifies skin • Mild & Soothing formula with Organic Rose Water • Moisturises the skin to help keep its moisture balance • Non-drying formula leaves skin feeling refreshing soft & smooth

nivea the best face gel

My Opinion

I have to admit that I used to really liked Nivea face gels, but with time I stopped buying them because they seemed to dry out my skin, so I invested in something better. Now I was also planning to buy something else to be honest, but I needed one asap and it was easy to get, so I found out why not. Costs £1.99 for 150 ml so is on the more budgetary side. It doesn't require much for a single use because the formula is neither too thick nor too runy, so it will last for a long time. It has a slightly chemical rosy intense scent that doesn't bother me but for sensitive people it can be irritating. When it comes to action, if you use it every day, it may unfortunately dry out the skin, while I personally use it kind of every 3 days and I did not notice any negative impact on the condition of my skin. Super cleans from all kinds of dirt, make-up, etc., which will be a big plus for people who likes heavy make-up or appreciate quick and effective solutions. Overall, I am enjoyed this product. It may not be super extra perfect but I like using it. Will I come back to him again? Probably not because I like testing new cosmetics but if you are interested you can give it a chance.

Nivea Micellar Water For Dry Skin Nivea Micellar Water For Dry Skin review

Nieva's micellar waters so far I liked very much so it was an easy choice. Costs around £3 for 200ml and is easily available stationary and online. They offer a wide range of micellar waters for all skin types in different capacity variants, so everyone will find something for themselves. It doesn't irritate, doesn't dry out but is also much more suitable for cleansing the skin after the night than for removing makeup. In this case is working so so, which makes it inefficient. Overall, if you are looking for cheap, high-quality micellar water, I recommend then visit the nearby Lidl and buy from their own Cien brand.

Do you use skin care from Nivea?
Do you buy this type of drugstore brands?


  1. ¡Holaa! No utilizo mucho esta marca, pero ya la probaré.
    Besoss ♥

  2. 'Nothing new under the sun', as they say. Nivea is an 'ancient' name in cosmetics, and yet it still surprises with new products, like this Micella water.
    Great product review, as always!

  3. Hola!! no uso mucho esa marca, pero me llama ya que si se ve buen producto

  4. Both of these products sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Looking good! I used to use Nivea, but now I use a different brand.

  6. Great products! Thanks for recommend:)

  7. very pleasant means, nivea is a good brand

  8. Nunca testei, mas gosto bastante da marca :)

  9. Simple but with good results!!

  10. Î don't use Nivea skin care. As cleanser I use the Incipedia Cleansing jelly. Have a nice weekend. Xoxo Nancy :)

  11. Oh so good products
    I love it Nivea

  12. I just bought that Micelar water and am looking forward to trying it :)