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Wednesday 18 August 2021

Bh Cosmetics Mimosa Palette Review & Swatches

Bh Cosmetics Mimosa
Bh Cosmetics Mimosa

We still have summer so we are more attract to sunny, juicy shades also on the eyes. The Mimosa palette fits perfectly into these climates and just screams summer! If you are curious whether it is as good as the 90's in terms of quality, I highly recommend checking today's review.

Bh Cosmetics is definitely a brand which has the most interesting palettes on the market. Original colors, good quality, low prices and trendy design, makes them sales hits. Mimosa was released end of May 2020 as a part of Weekend Vibes Collection together with Avocado Toast Palette, Belgian Waffle 6 Color Baked Bronzer & Highlighter Palette, Bellini Blush Palette, Brunch Bunch 11 Piece Makeup Brush Set, Weekend Vibes Makeup Bag and Weekend Vibes So Extra High Shine Plumping Lip Glosses. It costs £15.50 / $18 for 16 g, so in terms of price, it comes out really affordable. It has a large mirror in which we can comfortably do makeup. Contains 10 mattes, 1 matte with particles and 5 metallics. The whole design is mega fashionable and cute, catches the eye: D.

Bh Cosmetics Mimosa good or bad? !

Bh Mimosa Palette opinion

The eyeshadows are richly pigmented so you don't have to build them to get a intense color, but because they blend easily, you can also get a more subtle look. They doesn't stain eyelids or brushes, which is also a plus. These shadows are suitable for both light and dark complexion.

As I mentioned earlier, the eyeshadows blends and apply nicely, thanks to which it is an ideal formula for beginners. They create beautiful transitions, don't blend into one shade and additionally don't cause any patches or other surprises. Metallic ones have particles, so like in the case of this type of shadows, better to apply them on a sticky base such as Nyx Glitter Glue. Then they don't fallout on the rest of the face.

The colors scheme are very pink and it will not be for everyone, rather as an addition, not for everyday basic make-up. However, the whole makeup in such shades often creates the effect as if we were very tired or sick, but when combined with others, these shades look really lovely. Some shades are also, unfortunately very similar to each other on the eyes, so this palette would be more interesting and functional if Bh would make some changes.

Bh Cosmetics Mimosa swatches

mimosa palette swatches and review

Bh Cosmetics Mimosa makeup

To sum up, it is a beautiful palette, especially if you like rose and warmer yellows, but it is not a palette without flaws. It could definitely be more diverse and contain more of these beautiful metallics because they really make this palette unique. I absolutely don't regret buying it, but I would recommend it much more to people who like to play with make-up and who already have larger palette collections. If you are looking for affordable and good-quality palettes in any color, it is worth checking the BH Cosmetics assortment because they are really great eyeshadows at work.

Do you like such color scheme?
What palette is your newest purchase?


  1. amazing palette and superb look

  2. ¡Holaa! La combinación de colores que usaste, me encantó. Los colores son súpeeer lindos ♥

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 😘😘

  3. OMG!
    amazing colors *-* this palette is awesome
    kisses ♥

  4. Amazing colours and makeup <3