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Saturday 14 August 2021

*Sustain Your Sleep Quality In Summer: How To Get Enough Sleep Despite The Long Days

 *Sustain Your Sleep Quality In Summer
how to habe enough sleep in summer
It is summertime and the days are long. You want to go out with friends, enjoy the sunshine, and have a good time but it's hard to maintain your sleep quality. With so many opportunities for fun in the sun every day of the week, how can you get enough sleep?
Here are some pieces of advice on how you can make sure that your body is ready for bed when it needs to be!

Keep A Consistent Schedule
Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule will help you regulate your body clock, which in turn enables you to stay asleep throughout the night. It's also important to stick with your routine even on weekends and holidays when more time is available for sleeping. 
The best way to get a good night's sleep every single day of summer is by sticking with your regular bedtime routine. However, getting up simultaneously during the workweek will help you create an internal clock and make it easier to fall asleep when it's nighttime. 

Get Breathable Beddings
Sleep quality can be affected by the bedding you sleep on and summer is a time of year when this becomes more important. It's hard to get enough rest with all those hot days in July and August, without a temperature regulator it feels like an oven. In addition, you're trying to catch some sleep while sweating, which isn't exactly conducive to getting quality sleep in the summer heatwaves. 
Some studies have found that pillow covers made of natural fibers best maintain breathability during warmer months. They allow airflow around the head and neck without trapping body heat or moisture against the skin. If you don't want to buy new pillows, invest in a pillow cover that breathes well. There are plenty of options made with natural fibers.
Your bed is your most expensive purchase, and you spend over a third of your life in it. So before buying anything else for the bedroom, buy new sheets! Go to Richard Haworth and look for breathable cotton and linen sheets. It's more comfortable than polyester or silk too. 

Darken Your Room Before Bed
Darken your room before bed with a heavy blanket of curtains to block out the light. If this is not possible, invest in red lights or blackout shades to help you feel just as comfortable and safe while sleeping. 

Learn How to Relax
It would help if you mastered how to relax. A great idea is deep breathing exercises or meditations before bed. You can download an app for this purpose or find some good videos on YouTube as well. 
The goal here is to learn how to do these relaxation methods correctly and find something that works best for your body clock.
sleep hypnosis
Try Sleep Hypnosis
Haven't slept well lately? Your doctor might prescribe you medication to help, but if your prescription is running low or isn't working for you as much anymore, you can seek another option: Hypnosis. Sleep hypnosis revolves around the idea that your brain is not fully conscious during sleep and can be hypnotized into an awake-like state to alter behavior. 

Take A Cold Shower Before Bed
If you're feeling hot and sweaty during your summer slumber, take a cold shower before bed. The cold water shock can help induce sleepiness and produce calming neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin. 
After getting out of the shower, try to get into bed with fresh clothes or at least one clean layer; this will signal to your body that it's time for relaxation rather than work or other activities. If you have trouble sleeping despite taking a chilly dip, distract yourself by reading a book under soft light instead of turning on bright lights while lying down. 
The key is not falling asleep immediately after stepping out of the bathroom. Instead, try to stay awake for longer by taking long breaths or listening to soothing music. Moreover, save your lotion for the morning, when it's time to get up and start over again!
Cold showers are a great way to prepare your body for sleep. The cold water will help cool you down and lower the core temperature of your body, which induces relaxation and makes it easier to fall asleep. It's also an excellent stress reliever! 

In conclusion, there are many ways to keep your sleep quality consistent during the summer. It's important to know which methods work best for you and also try new things!
I hope this post was helpful and please let me know what are your tricks for a good night's sleep on summer days.


  1. ¡Holaa! Me ha encantado el post y es bastante útil. Los últimos días no he estado durmiendo bien, pero lo compenso con los fines de semana, aunque no sé cuan sano sera eso jajaja.
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    1. I am very glad that it turned out to be helpful 😘😘I have two puppies at home so believe me I also have a hard time sleeping😍😍

  2. Very useful article Dear friend! Thanks for sharing, i try to all my digital devices off from the bedroom of mine, also my bedroom is very very dark, it really gives me to good sleep.

  3. I need to lower my coffee intake :-O

  4. Thank you for your recommendations. Good summer.

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