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Wednesday 11 August 2021

*Simple Signs You're Totally Exhausted

*Simple Signs You're Totally Exhausted 
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When you’re crashing after lunch, you might blame your blood sugar, but what do you blame when you’re crashing at 9am? Being run down or dealing with a difficult day at work is a good indicator that you need to start looking at why you’re super tired lately. Do you think you’re exhausted because you didn't get a good night's sleep or is there more to it? 

Exhaustion hits us all in different ways, so much so that some of us end up in seriously difficult accidents and situations that could put life in danger. If you have to pay for accident repair because you’ve caught your car against a curb when you were too tired to pay attention, now is the time to pay attention to your exhaustion levels and the reasons behind it! Your tiredness could kill you and it could hurt others, which is why you need to recognise the signs that you’re seriously exhausted. Below, I’ve got some signs that you are suffering from exhaustion that you may not have recognised as exhaustion.

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  • You’re dealing with dry lips. Your lips should always be moist, but one of the biggest signs that you’re overtired and run down is cracked, scaly lips and ulcers in the mouth. You will end up feeling more fatigued than ever and that leads to dehydration, exhausting the brain and showing all over your mouth.

  • You’re dealing with brain fog. Okay, so it’s not an official medical diagnosis, but if you’re fuzzy and feel like your thoughts just cannot keep up with what you are trying to say, the chances are you really need a good night of sleep.

  • You’re not able to work out effectively. Exercise is actually so important for feeling more awake as it helps you build your stamina and - as a byproduct - your energy levels. You have to keep your brain going so that your body can follow. You need to put your energy into your workouts and if you can’t, the chances are that you are just too exhausted to manage.

  • You’re burying the stress. Stress can cause insomnia, which can then cause the exhaustion you’re feeling. If you want to get through this, you need to try and ensure that you are not burying your stress and you're just getting through it instead. Deal with the stress so you can sleep well and move forward.

  • You’re binging. Ah, a classic sign of being too tired: binging on food you don't need but you super want. You need to stop hitting up the chocolates and the vending machine and start snacking on food that’s good for your brain. It will help you to concentrate better, sleep better and won’t make you feel like a pile of rubbish.

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Exhaustion leads to poor workouts, weight gain, possible car accidents and more. You need to deal with why you’re feeling so exhausted and start considering how you can get through it and feel good about yourself for a change!



  1. Very interesting and awesome post
    Thanks for sharing
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  2. I am always tired. I have a toddler that rarely sleeps and I drink too much coffee!

  3. Sending Positive Vibe - Stay Strong


  4. I'm really waiting for holidays. I work in tourism and I'm really exhausted. Today is my 8th day from 9 day working non stop, mentally are too hard. So many hours!!

  5. Ayy, me encantó el post. Sinceramente, ahora que iniciaron las clases me tienen bastante estresada y muy cansada.
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  6. Nice post, exhaustion... Let's go.. I can and you too. 😑

  7. Yes all of these. Brain fog- yes if I get too tired I start to zone...