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Sunday 10 October 2021

Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting 24H Review & Swatches

 Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting 24H Foundation
Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting 24H review

I know that this is not a new release in the cosmetics market, but to be honest, nothing has attracted my attention and I greatly regret that in most cases brands decide to release illuminating / more moisturizing formulas because it is not what I am looking for. So I bought Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting and I strongly encourage you to check out this review.

From Producer
Do you dream of flawless yet natural skin? It’s time that dream came true. Applying Evelin Cosmetics Liquid Control foundation with a dropper is like putting on a second skin. It forms an almost invisible film on your face, conjuring up even skin tone in the process. Enjoy a perfect face for an entire 24 hours.
  • evens out skin tone
  • smooths the skin perfectly
  • covers imperfections
  • lasts for up to 24 hours
  • easy and convenient to apply with the dropper
  • liquid, non-greasy, light consistency

Eveline makeup review

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

✅Convenient to use packaging with a pipette
✅Price £7.99 / 25zł for 32 ml
9 shades to choose from
✅Fast and hassle-free in the application
✅Comfortable, doesn't feel it on the face
✅Doesn't emphasize the texture of the skin and even gives blurs her
✅It doesn't separate even after a whole day
✅Has a natural satin-matte finish
✅Doesn't wipe off from the face and looks good in the wings of the nose
✅Gets along well with other cosmetics such as bronzer, blush or powder
✅After around 7/8 hours starts shine into the t-zone
✅Doesn't oxidize

Very watery consistency

⛔Is not available in all countries
⛔Inefficient, you needs quite a lot for one application
⛔May clog pores with regular use
⛔Not very coverage, it will not hide any major problems or redness

Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting 24H Shade 005 Ivory

Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting 24H Shade 005 Ivory swatches and review

Summary :  3,5 / 6

If not the fact that, unfortunately when I wear it 2 days in a row, it starts to clog my pores, it would be a really nice foundation for everyday use. I really like the effect it gives, the durability is also a plus, but it is not worth the deterioration of the skin. Very often you can hear that it is the dupe of the popular Catrice Hd Liquid Cover and it actually behaves very similar on the skin and even clogs similar hehe. With the Catrice there was the difference that it clogged up only after some time, but here on the second day I have pimples in places where nothing ever pops up, such as my cheeks. As for the difference, the Catrice was definitely slightly more mattifying and there was even such a watery-powdery consistency similar to Loreal infalible. In summary, it gives a really nice effect, but it is so clogging that I will definitely not buy it again.

Do you know this foundation?
If yes, I am very curious do you agree with my opinion or is it maybe totally different?


  1. Eveline liquid is available here only online markets but i dont prefer it dear friend! Also your review is valuable. Thanks.

  2. ¡Holaa! Me encantó este review, no conocía el producto así que me viene de maravilla todo lo que has reseñado.
    Besoss ♥

  3. I've never heard of this brand before so thanks for sharing your thoughts. Too bad it clogs your pores!

  4. Nice review, I still have to try these products though.


  5. Beautiful review! Thanks for the comparison.

  6. So great review, seams like good


  7. Hola!! que buena review y desearía tener ese producto.

  8. I now use the same foundation, I like it)

  9. Oh this liquid foundations sounds very good darling
    Thanks for share with us