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Saturday 13 November 2021

Face Boom Skincare, Worth To Buy?!

Review Of Peeling & Face Mask From Face Boom
Face Boom Skincare

I love to test new brands, not only make-up related, but also skincare. You can often discover real gems and new Holy Grails, so when I saw the Face Boom range, I knew that I had to buy something, the more that their products promise to be cheaper dupes of popular cosmetics. Whether Face Boom turned out to be a hit or shit, you will find out in today's review. 

The Face Boom is the sister brand of Body Boom. In FaceBoom you will find cosmetics for oily and combination skin, struggling with imperfections and excessive sebum production, as well as for dry and sensitive skin, prone to irritation and allergies. Free from SLS, PEGs or mineral oils, with only vegan formulas, containing up to 99% of ingredients of natural origin. Their previous products had a charming pink graphic design that immediately catches the eye of probably every girl: however, those from the latest collection are now purple and green, but still in a similar style. The prices of individual cosmetics range from 6zł to 32zł and you can get them in Hebe, Rossmann, Douglas, their own website and many more places online.

Detoxifying And Soothing Mask With Pink Clay For Combination And Oily Skin
face boom face mask review

First Face Boom product that I decided picked up was a clay mask. I love clay masks and I thought it would be a perfect choose, but unfortunately not completely. Costs £2 / 9.99zł per 40g and to be honest buying it I was sure that it would be bigger but the packaging is really small, it looks more like a travel size than a full-size product. The packaging is in the style of children's juices with a spout, comfortable and hygienic. As for the formula, it is extremely runny. So far, the clay masks I had were compact, if it was for example pink clay, it was pink, while this one is watery and almost transparent. Another downside is the smell again; /. It stinks exactly the same as peeling, i.e. so chemically, like very sweet strong perfume. If it was meant to be a recognizable sign for them, then I totally don't get it. After use, the skin is a bit smoother, refreshed and that's all basically. I did not notice any drastic change, healthy glow or effect on enlarged pores as promised by the manufacturer. There are definitely many other better masks on the market than this one.

Enzymatic Face Cleansing Powder
Enzymatic Face Cleansing Powder

I must admit that I paid attention to this enzymatic powder only because from the manufacturer's description it resembles me the Dermalogica Skin Health Daily Microfoliant, which honestly, is much more expensive than that one from Face Boom. Costs £4 / 21.99zł per 20 g and you can get it only in this capacity variant. As I mentioned earlier, it has a cute pink-silver design like most of their cosmetics. The enzyme peeling has a powder formula that must be combined with water to obtain a creamy consistency. What is its big disadvantage is the open packaging without any strainer, which makes it difficult to measure the perfect amount and unfortunately it is not efficient and it is not completely tight, so if you want storage it close to the water, e.g. in the shower, it will become one solid stone: D. Another thing is the intense scent, which is extremely tiring when used regularly. It is more on a perfumed and chemical side which I absolutny hated. As for the working properties, I didn't notice any great results, it cleans like virtually any other face cleanser but can't handle rests of the makeup. It has no peeling particles, so there is no resemblance to Dermalogica. 

With regular use, I noticed some imperfections started to show up, can also dried out the skin and I suspect it is related to this strong perfumed scent. Generally, it is not a cosmetic that I can recommend to you and that I would buy again. Definitely if you are looking for something really good, something that will actually affect your skin, it is better to spend money on the Health Daily Microfoliant. Unfortunately, apart from the charming packaging, I did not notice any other good sides and I have been using it for a long time :(

Face Boom peeling review

Big schame that, unfortunately this time my review is so negative because the cosmetics are really attractive in terms of price and appearance, but unfortunately the results don't go hand in hand. As a brand that advertises itself as natural, vegan and generally with all the slogans that are so popular now, I don't know why they add this horrible, highly perfumed scent to their cosmetics ?! Fragrance-free cosmetics are fun too. I don't think I will try anything again from their assortment and I have the feeling that the whole Face Boom vibe is more Instagram focused than skin care.

Have you used Face Boom cosmetics?
If yes, what was your opinion about them? I am also very curious if you like such highly perfumed products, especially when it comes to skincare?


  1. They're interesting products, the skin care is so important to me.
    Lovely day!

  2. Bardzo lubię kosmetyki z tej marki, ale tych jeszcze nie miałam, koniecznie musze to nadrobić;)

  3. I hope yo try dermalogica soon

  4. Never heard of face boom before. Love a great clay mask.

  5. This mask and this powder are interesting!

  6. Gracias por la recomendación. Te mando un beso

  7. It is an interesting article, skin care is always important.
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