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Saturday 6 November 2021

Beauty Bay New Romantic Palette Review & Swatches

 Beauty Bay New Romantic Palette
Beauty Bay New Romantic Palette

The palette we will talk about today, despite the fact that it was released in February, has in my opinion, the perfect color scheme for the current season. Copper, reds, browns, gold are just screams autumn. It was a limited edition but I hope that this review and swatches will still be useful for you.

Beauty Bay has been really crazy about releasing eyeshadow palettes lately and I have to admit that most of them appeal to me a lot: D. The person who makes the whole concept for them and arranges the color stories knows what is doing. In February this year (2021) they released the Romance collection for Valentine's Day, which is kept in reds and roses, I liked the eyeshadow palette immediately, so with the next shopping on Beauty Bay it had to be mine. Costs £15 for 20x1,4g and contains 20 shades:

Vanilla – A soft cream matte
Milkshake – A baby pink matte
Oyster – A seashell shimmer
Flamingo – A flamingo pink matte
Lingerie – A taupe matte
Birthday – A hot pink matte
Chintz – A lilac mauve shimmer
Claret – A deep burgundy matte
Valentine – A rich burgundy shimmer
Smoothie – A soft berry matte
Penny – A rich copper shimmer
Embers – A burnt brown matte
Raspberry – A raspberry pink shimmer
Mars – A deep burgundy brown matte
Queen – A rich purple shimmer
Muffin – A chocolate brown matte
Khaki – A khaki gold shimmer
Saddle – A deep brown matte
Royal – A plum shimmer
Ink – A true black matte

Beauty Bay red palette

natasha denona love palette dupe

The packaging is a solidly made cardboard with a nice design corresponding to the colors inside. It has a large mirror which is also a plus. When it comes to colors, it suits my taste the most, is very girlish and so romantic. Reminds me very much of the vibe of Natasha Denony Love or Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar. It is not a 100% dupe of course, but you can certainly find similarities and it costs much less.

The eyeshadows are really well pigmented, but not overly to create a problem. Often, especially with pigments, it is difficult to work, especially blending if they are too saturated, while in the case of this palette it doesn't happen. When it comes to shimmers, this is not my favorite formula and they look much better on swatches than on the eyelids. I prefer those with micro particles and much more reflective, but I know that there are people who like such more delicate metallics, so it is  a matter of taste.

Working with these shadows is nice and pleasant, doesn't create any patches, gaps or other surprises. They blend nicely and look really cool. Shimmers are best applied by your finger, while using a brush also do the job.

The colors, I would say are really well composed, because you can make sexy dark smoky but also a more delicate / subtle look. Due to the fact that it contains five browns, this overwhelming reds / roses can be treat as an accent and not a monochrome look. Since I have her, I don't reach for it as often as I wanted to, but mainly because my collection slips out of control: D

To sum up, it is a really well thought good quality palette that has a lot to offer. One of my favorite eyeshadows is definitely Flamingo and Chintz. If we calculate the amount of shadows in relation to the price, it is cheaper than practically all other drugstore eyeshadow palettes. It's only a pity that they have not yet established cooperation with some European drugstore because if in the future will be any duties / taxes added then their cosmetics will be much less attractive in terms of price. Of course, I also encourage you to look at the other reviews of Beauty Bay products because they have already appeared on my blog!

Do you like such pink / red eyeshadows?
Do you buy palettes from English brands?


  1. I loved it! It's perfect for autumn's makeup.
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