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Sunday 28 November 2021

Ranking All Of My Bh Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes

Ranking All Of My Bh Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes
Ranking All Of My Bh Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes

  I don't have maybe so many Bh Cosmetics palettes in my collection, but I thought that such a ranking could be useful if you are thinking about buying any of these palettes or maybe you will know which collections are the most worth paying attention to. I started to build my Bh Cosmetics collection only this year, so I'm truly surprised how much I managed to collect, considering how little I buy cosmetics now.

I honestly admit that today's ranking was a piece of cake to do. Always with this type of post I have some hesitations as to the order, while in the case of the palettes that I have from Bh Cosmetics, the choice was very easy. The order will be from the least used and least liked by me to my must have.

4. Carli Bybel

It was my first Bh Cosmetics palette and very old on the market, unfortunately it is also far from the rest in terms of quality. The eyeshadows are not so metallic and phenomenal. The colors are very daily, usable and probably perfect for many, but still miss something. All the makeup looks a little too similar and you can't go crazy. The fact that it has highlighters also doesn't work in its favor because it is not the formula I like and I used them practically only as eye shadows, so these big pans could be smaller and either the palette would be cheaper or contain more colors.

Carli Bybel

3. Mimosa
When it comes to this palette, is absolutely nothing wrong with it, igreat in terms of quality, but is not the color story I use so often, therefore it is not higher. These colors are definitely more suitable for the summer than the winter period, so it is also much more seasonal than the other ones. Nice alternative to much more expensive such sunny, pink color stories palettes.

bh cosmetics orange palette

2. Flower Power
bh Flower Power review

It is my newest purchase, but I really like using it on a daily basis. The colors are purple-neutral, so perfect for more colorful, crazy make-up but also subtle daily looks. Combined with browns, it gives a really wide room for maneuver. There is no detailed swatched review on my blog yet, but if you are interesting, please let me know.

Flower Power palette indside

1. 00's Remix Dance
This choice is certainly not a surprise. 00's Remix Dance palette is simply wonderful! Contrary to appearances, the colors allow you to make many completely different make-ups. Metallic are shiny, reflecting the light beauties, remind me the effect of glitter or loose pigment. They have a really wonderful formula and it is a pity that I didn't find it in other Bh Cosmetics palettes. I love this palette so much that I am thinking of buying the rest ones from this series. Overall, I recommend it, if you want to start your adventure with palettes from Bh Cosmetics, I recommend  you buy this one first!

bh cosmetics Remix Dance the best palette

I hope you like this concept of the post. I bought recently the next one Huda Beauty Obsessions, so if you want to see also my ranking of these palettes, please let me know.
Do you have any Bh Cosmetics palette?
If yes, which one is your fave?


  1. They're all fantastic and this brand has good quality and low prices.
    Lovely day!

  2. Curiosamente, el que más me gustó fue el número 5 jaja.
    Besoss ♥

  3. Hola!
    Me encanta la colección de "Mimosa", me parece excelente.
    Un abrazo

  4. These look great and so colourful :-D

  5. La paleta Flower Power fue mi favorita, los colores y la variedad, hermoso.

  6. Que maravilha, são lindas!

  7. Love the mimosa palette!
    Oh, these can also make great holiday gifts!


  8. That's a great selection of palettes :)