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Thursday 30 December 2021

Christian Laurent Hd 4M Pixel Fusion Mineral Mattifying Foundation Review & Swatches

 Christian Laurent Hd 4M Pixel Fusion Mineral Mattifying Foundation
Christian Laurent Hd 4M Pixel Fusion Mineral Mattifying Foundation

I haven't been here for a long time, but I'm back with a new review of the foundation :). Honestly, I didn't even plan to buy it, but like a typical shopaholic, I was tempted by the promotion hehe. I hope that I will go back to my posting routine, but December turned out to be even more busy for me than I expected, so hopefully the new year bring a little rest. How are you doing?

From Producer

The Mineral Mattifying Foundation is a great way for every woman to look stunning no matter if running errands or having a night out. It’s easily applied, saving you lots of valuable time. Embodies an innovative shape-shifting formula that changes its consistency from liquid to silky smooth powder upon application. Pioneering LIQUID TO POWDER formula distinguishes this foundation from others. Mineral pigments blend in and give the “second skin” effect. Throughout the day, your face looks flawless and perfectly matte. All of this is possible thanks to the next-generation 4M PIXEL FUSION 24K technology containing both gold and silk that gently cuddles your skin. The former ingredient will slow down collagen loss in the epidermis, while the latter is absorbed and hydrates the skin.

• Quick and easy to use.
• Perfectly covers every imperfection.
• Stays on your skin for 24 hours.

The Mineral Mattifying Foundation, in particular, makes the skin flawlessly matte and fresh, letting you face daily challenges with confidence. It’s a perfect base for both everyday and evening make-up.

Christian Laurent foundation opinion

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

✅Nice yellow natural shade (101 Light Beige)
✅Lasts a long time
✅Not cakey
✅It doesn't wipe off from the face during the day, just a little from the tip of the nose when we wear the mask
✅Doesn't gather into the wrinkles or pores
✅Gives a gentle blur effect
✅Medium coverage
✅Buildable coverage
✅Convenient packaging, elegant looking with a pipette
✅Nice, fresh scent
✅Doesn't clog pores or dry out the skin
✅It doesn't shine on my combination skin even after a few hours, but now it is winter, so we will see how it will be in summer
✅Price £5-£10
✅Has mattifying properties, but at the same time doesn't give a flat, dry matte but a natural, healthy look

✅⛔Only four shades to choose from, but it blends nicely to the skin tone
✅⛔Best to apply by a brush, fingers or a dry sponge

⛔It has a very watery consistency, so a wet sponge absorbs it like a crazy
⛔Brand not available in many stores
⛔Darkens slightly but it is not noticeable on the face

Summary : 5.1 / 6

It is a really nice foundation, to be honest even better than Catrice Hd or Eveline Liquid Control HD Long Lasting, so I am surprised that I have never heard of it before. It fell into my hands only because of the big promotion in Douglas. It looks very natural and healthy on the face, emphasizes all the advantages and gently hides everything we want to. If will still goes on like this, who knows, maybe it will become my favorite everyday foundation. It has everything that I currently need and I am looking for in the foundations, so I can trully recommend it and is a pity that there is no more talk about him in social media. I am also a bit intrigued how their other cosmetics would work for me: D

Do you know the Christian Laurent brand ?
What properties are you looking for at the moment in foundations?

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  1. Hola!! se ve muy buena base, no suelo usarlas, pero las tendré en cuenta.