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Saturday 26 August 2017

Favorites August 2017

Favorites   August  2017

Hi all, the next month is coming to an end so it's time for the month's favorite. August was extremely bussy for me because I was on a week vacation, I worked a lot with my fiancée in the garden and we did mase other things so uff almost end 😀. It was a good time to test the cosmetics in terms of very hot weather, because on my holiday was about 37 °C🌞🔥. 

Perfect job done my favorite CC cream Dr. G but I already mentioned about him in recent favorites so I will skip to other products. Perfectly matte face kept for me RCMA powder, even after many hours in such hot conditions, the makeup looked still great! One of the ingredients is talc so can clog up, so far everything is ok and I use it every day but it's better to keep that in mind. Most often I had two eyeshadows on my eyes Makeup Geek Karma and In the spotlight they beautiful shine so are perfect in the summer. Everything, whole makeup looked very radiant and fresh👍 only because those shadows and powdre so for anyone who has or is going to have such weather I recommend to check.
 From skin care impressed me two products: Elizabeth Arden Good Night's Sleep and La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Rehydrating Concentrate.
 Both work well under the makeup, they leave the skin smooth, moisturized and have a very light formula. This eye cream is more for those who want to moisturize the skin uder eyes than anti-wrinkle effect so I would more recommend to the teenagers. 
Of course there is no summer without dress, glow makeup and wonderful perfume. The smell of this month was without a doubt Giorgio Armani Diamonds mmm insane. The scent of luxury, elegance, very feminine and fresh, keeps on the body all day long and on the clothes even weeks. Gorgeous, Check yourself !❤

This is all my favorite I hope you will share my opinion about these products if you don't write below why and what cosmetics are your favorite this month?
 See you later 💜💋

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