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Sunday 27 August 2017

Rimmel Wake Me Up Review

Rimmel Wake Me Up Review
rimmel foundation

Today I will tell you about the foundation which has been my love for many years. I think it was one of
the first illuminating foundation on the market before began the trend on highlighter, glow and more,more of these types of products and formulas. 

From Producer 

Our first makeup that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow. A light, smooth texture for natural, poreless coverage instantly eliminates signs of tiredness and lifts skin from fatigue. Radiance pearls illuminate for a healthy, radiant glow.Peptides increase elasticity so skin recovers and bounces back more quickly. SPF 15 protects. 

My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone 

The skin is smooth and moisturized
Without ,,mask'' effect
SPF 15
Pleasant fresh smell
Comfortable, not noticeable on the face
Don't clog pores
Light formula

Light coverage
Holds intact 4.5h, later wipe off from the chin, nose and shines in the T zone
Visible lot of glitter particles
Only 6 shades without for pale skin
Emphasize dry places
Don't go well on the pictures

rimmel ivory foundation swatch

Rimmel Wake Me Up swatches

Summary :  4  / 6

This is quite a good drugstore foundation which after years is still popular. Before it seemed to me the best illuminating on the market but now it is unfortunately average. Its biggest flaw is a lack of bright color and the fact that the most bright  in the offer has very orange tones😩. It looks nice on the face but has too much glitter which should be more milled. 

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  1. I have been looking for this cream for more than two months. Fortunately, I have found a person, who agreed to sell it me. I was so happy then.