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Friday 1 February 2019

Skin Chemist Skincare Reviews

Skin Chemist Skincare Reviews
Skin Chemist

A huge surprise was for me yours response about post with Probiotic Brightening eye cream review. I didn't expect that this brand will interest you so much that it will be in the top of most reading topics. That's why today I have a review of two others Skin Chemist products for you and I hope that will also be helpful.

I have told you previously informations about the Skin Chemist brand but I have one interesting news. If you like their cosmetics, they work well for you, it's worth paying attention to their related brand Skin Botanicals. Perhaps you were interested in some cosmetic, a ingredient that Skin Chemist doesn't have and their alternative Skin Botanicals has in its assortment.

Both reviewed today cosmetics are not cheap and I would probably not decided to pick up them if not fact that I had a giftcard which I got from the company as compensation after I placed an order with cream under the eyes but they forgot to send it to me. Such things happen, so it didn't affect on my opinion and even this voucher was a pleasant surprise and they really care about clients. Also remember that you can sign up for their reviewer's club about what I mentioned in How to get free cosmetics in Uk? and test cosmetics practically for free.

Rose Quartz Lip Plump
skin chemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump

It's a lip gloss whose main task is hydrate the lips, whilst actively boosting them for a fuller pout, leaving them soft and lightly glossy. Should provide all the benefits of a lip gloss and a lip balm, with an actively pumping effect.
Has a freshly strongly perceptible smell of mint that I personally love. It doesn't give any color, is simply transparent with a shiny finish. The lips are a little sticky but not as much as after many other lip glosses. But do I see any difference? As for me, the lips are moisturized but I don't notice any effect of filling or enlargement.
 Long long time ago I had very cheap Essence lip gloss which had the same task and in fact after applying it you could feel a strong tingling and the lips were slightly fuller. With the Skin Chemists I don't feel any discomfort just such a pleasant cooling. Is it worth spend £14.99 for 8ml? I would say that unfortunately not. Often, especially at Lookfanstastic you can find him added free to shopping or if you will be able to test thanks to their reviewer's club then of course is worth to try but at a regular price I certainly wouldn't buy it because doesn't meet all the manufacturer's promises.

skin chemists lip gloss opinion review

Wild Caviar Facial Moisturiser 
skin chemists Wild Caviar Facial Moisturiser

It's a really exclusive cosmetic containing, among others blend of marine extracts, vitamins and hydrating actives, his task is to leave the skin protected, nourished and smooth.

 Has a very convenient type of air pump packaging thanks to which we dispense the ideal amount and we have control over how much cream stay in the package.
Costs £134.90 for 50 ml, so is very expensive but you can often get it on the sale, I managed to buy it for only £15.98😮🙌.
A modern, minimalist design that is matte into the touch makes for me the impression of an luxury product and pleases the eye. It has a formula of white unscented lotion that quickly absorbs but leaves the skin a little shiny and sticky which certainly some of you may disturb but for me because of that is also good as a primer under makeup. 
The foundation as sticks to it, looks more healthy, radiant and doing a currently very trendy luminous finish. Have I noticed any spectacular effects after using this cream for around 3 months? Hmm, skin is certainly more moisturized and healthy looking but is certainly not just contribution of this cream. If I stopped applying vitamin C, moisturizing masks for the night would certainly be in a worse condition.
 It's a good cosmetic, efficient because after everyday use you can see only a small decline but considering the price I think that we can find a similarly working cosmetic much cheaper. It is possible that price is conditioned by the content of expensive ingredients. I don't know nothing about the production of cosmetics, so I am not able to refer whether the price is adequate to what we receive. However, for us the most important thing is how product working and I think that a similar effect gives me my beloved Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference which one is much cheaper. I am very happy that I was able to get Wild Caviar so cheaply and if I will find such an offer again I would buy it again, but I will definitely not pay full price.

Skin chemists  Facial Moisturiser review opinion

Both cosmetics are good don't get me wrong but I think that for this price point I was expecting a little bit more. 😊
Please let me know, are you interested in this brand 
and do you buy such expensive cosmetics?💕


  1. Kosmetyki prezentują się bardzo luksusowo

    1. Oj tak mają naprawdę fajny design i jakoś opakowań ale zawartość hmm:* Pozdrawiam!

  2. Nie słyszałam wcześniej o tych kosmetykach. Prezentują się bardzo ładnie, szkoda, że ceny takie wysokie. :)

    1. Ceny niestety zabijają ale można polować na zniżki:D :*Pozdrawiam!

  3. Super wyglądają te kosmetyki ładny kolor błyszczyka Pierwszy raz słyszę o tej firmie

    1. To fajnie, że mogłam zainteresować czymś nowym:**

  4. Skincare is the most important thing in my opinion... I loved this post and your review! Thanks for sharing.

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