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Monday 15 April 2019

Smashbox Photo Edit Eeye Shadow Trio

Smashbox Photo Edit Eeye Shadow Trio
Smashbox Photo Edit review

I don't know how it happened but I totally forgot about these eyeshadows. I was so happy when this trio was in Funmi Fetto Box and then I put to my box with samples to testing and I started focused on other cosmetics. After many months of waiting I finally coming with a review.

Smashbox Cosmetics was founded by fashion and celebrity photographer Davis Factor (right), great-grandson of Max Factor, whose eponymous cosmetics range was one of the original beauty brands.
It seems to me that the company gained the greatest popularity thanks to its primers, I even got a sample of Photo Finish but I didn't have the opportunity to try it yet.
Before I decided to buy a box I even wanted to buy exactly the same trio on the offer for half the price, but I'm glad that I didn't because for the price £23.69 I could test a range of other valuable products.

Smashbox eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadows trios from Smashbox are available in 16 color variants, presented today is Punked at a regular price costs £20 for 3.2g. Contains 2 matte shades and 1 shiny / metallic one which is twice the size of the rest, honestly speaking I don't understand the manufacturer's intention because the matts are much more usefull and needed.... 
The packaging is quite a solid plastic imitating the appearance of camera lens .

Smashbox trio punked

Shades are not poorly pigmented but you have to apply them a few times to make the color intense. What immediately attracted my attention and disappointed was the fact that in the packaging the first matt seems to be a nice taupe brown but on the eye looks like gray graphite. I thought that it would be the replacment of The Balm Matt Rossi but definitely more goes into gray tones which many people don't like.

When it comes to matts these are quite dark shades that's why you have to apply them carefully to don't make stains and holes, these are not the easiest eyeshadows I have worked with. Metallic silver can be applied comfortably with both a brush and a finger, gives the same result in both techniques. Particles of glitter fall off it a bit, so make a first eye makeup or apply it on the primer.

This is definitely not a multifunctional trio, each make-up will look almost the same and we need some lighter shades from other palettes. This can be a fun travel option to take because off small, handy packaging.

Swatches without a base
Smashbox eyeshadow punked swatches

To sum up whether the first product I tried from Smashbox turned out to be a hit? Unfortunately, I'm not satisfied with the quality of this trio, much more suits me eyeshadows from Makeup Revolution which you can get easily much cheaper or for almost the same price Huda's Beauty Obsessions which have 9 colors and the quality is soo great. I don't know how other cosmetics of this brand but I will definitely pass on eyeshadows in the future. 
If you are looking for good quality pallets, I will leave you a review in the suggested posts, maybe you will like something.


  1. Nie miałam jeszcze nic tej marki,ale jakoś mnie bardzo nie kusi. Mam swoje ukochane,dobre cienie.Miłego dnia❤

    1. Nie są dobrej jakości więc nic nie tracisz hehehe:** A jakie cienie lubisz? Wzajemnie:**

  2. Replies
    1. Niestety dla mnie te cienie są troszkę za słabe:(

  3. Nie moje kolorki :( Zdecydowanie wole te odcienie brązu <3 A markę Smashbox uwielbiam ;)

    1. Ooo dla mnie to był pierwszy kontakt i taki średni niestety hehe:D:**A co lubisz najbardziej?

  4. Love it!
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    1. Thank you very much for the advice but probably such more advanced options can be find only in paid programs and I using free Picasa 3: D