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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Superdrug Body Care

Superdrug Body Care 
Superdrug skin care

Some time ago I reviewed the skin care from Superdrug and they impressed me so much that I bought more: D. If you like effective but still cheap body care, you will certainly be interested in these products.

I am really regret that I discovered their own brand so late because they are mega affordable, have great quality and they do what the producer promises. I only hope that over time their price will not increase thanks to such good reviews and interest.

Superdrug Vitamin E Body Scrub Bar 125g
Superdrug Vitamin E Body Scrub Bar

I bought this soap out of curiosity and with the intention of quickly exfoliating in the shower when I don't have time or mood for a traditional massage. I've never had such a soap before, that's why I was even more excited. I must admit that it really works, the skin after is smooth, all dead skin is removed and is comfortable in the application without leaving unnecessary mess in the bathroom. The only thing I have to complain about is that in some places has less of these exfoliating particles and because of that sometimes we don't feel any effect, until we removed this layer of soap. It costs in the Superdrug £3.49 for 125g but what I repeat every time they often have an offers 3 for 2. If we keep it in a soap dish away from the water, for example at the end of the tub, it can last for really long. I am so glad that I bought this bar and thanks to him I am more into do a regular body peeling now.

Superdrug All Over Body Cream with Dragonfruit 475ml
Superdrug All Over Body Cream review

Oh, in the previous Vitamin E Intensive All Over Body Cream I just fell in love, so when it finished I bought the next one. This time I simply chose the different version from pure curiosity and to compare. On the packaging is information that thanks to the purchase of this balsam will be donated some money to care and support terminal illness, which I wasn't seen on any other Superdrug product that I tried before. Is awsome that buying what we like, we can still do something good for someone else.
 As for properties, it deeply moisturizes, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky layer on the skin. The packaging is huge, it will definitely last for a few months and costs £2.99  for 475ml.  Do I see any differences between Dragon Fruit version and Intensive? Only in the fragrance, this is much more delicate and scent doesn't stay on the skin so long, that's why I prefer previous one but when it comes to how they works, both are equally great!

affordable drugstore skin body care

If you have not yet tried the Superdrug skin care brand's, I highly recommend to check them out because they have great products at very attractive prices. This is the second part in which I test their products, but will surely another one and another in the future because I am enormously delighted.
Do you have any of favorite skin / body care brand?


  1. Marki nie kojarzę ale mydełka wyglądają bardzo ciekawie :) Pozdrawiam :)

  2. Interesting products, I've never heard about them, I don't know if I can find them here in Italy!


    1. It seems to me that they are only available in Uk :(

  3. Jejku, ale to fajnie wygląda. Na pierwszym zdjęciu, na początku myślałam, że jest bułeczka o idealnym kształcie :)