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Sunday 21 April 2019

Past Few Months Favorites


Over the last few months, there was no post on my blog with favorites because generally I didn't have too many, mainly focused on using the cosmetics from my project pan. It seems like a good idea for me to update all the hits that I will discover every few months, what do you think?

1) Vianek Soothing Oil Makeup Remover
Vianek Makeup Remover review

I remember that I ordered this oil online and when I got it I thought that the packaging is soo small but I must admit that it is extremely efficient. To my surprise,  was enough for me for 4 months with daily use. It doesn't irritate, doesn't clog pores and at the same time perfectly removes even waterproof make-up. I will definitely come back to this product!

2) Pixi Peel& Polish
Pixi Peeling review opinion

Ohh that peeling really worked well and helped me in winter time, my skin after it was so extremely smooth. Perfectly removes all dry skins and at the same time doesn't irritate what sometimes happened to me with this type of strongly peeling scrubs. Actually, I have a mini version from the Fast Flash Facial! set but I will defenitely buy a full-size package because it's worth it.

3) Revolution Foil Frenzy Eyeshadow Palette
the best new revolution palette

Since I bought this palette, I can't stay away from using it. It's a wonderful complement to every make-up and great quality metallic eyeshadows at a low price.

4) Flower Beauty Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette
Flower Beauty best highlighter

If not the fact that in my project pan 2019, I included the Lovely hilighter I would not use anything else but only this palette. They give such a beautiful and wet effect as not any other, it's just for me the perfect highlighters with the best formula I've tried. This palette is stunning!

5) Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation
Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation review shades swatches

Finally, my skin has stopped going crazy, is really in good condition and I don't need such a coverage foundation. So I came back to Clarins Skin Illusion and I'm really delighted with the effect. Earlier, I had such a problem with him that was emphasized every dry patches on my face but now thanks to regular peels and strong moisturizing, I stopped struggling with such a problem. Nice foundation for everyday with giving a natural, fresh effect. If you want a more accurate description, take a look at the full review.

As you can see, there is not too much but it is such a top of the top from among all that has been in my hands in the last months.
 Let me know what cosmetics you was liked and discovered.
I wish you all the Happy Easter and a lovely time with your family❢🐇🐓🐣

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Revolution Foil Frenzy Eyeshadow Palette


  1. Todo es precioso! Espero verte pronto por mi blog! Felices pascuas! ������������

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    1. A co szczególnie skardło Ci serce? Mi się ostatnio rewelacyjnie sprawdził ich peeling, cudeńko:D:*

  3. Love the beauty roundup, babe! xoxo

  4. Muszę w końcu wypróbować kosmetyki pixi:) Pozdrawiam :)

    1. Szczególnie pielęgnacje polecam, są to naprawdę świetne kosmetyki:*