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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Revolution Reloaded Highlighters

Revolution Reloaded Highlighters 
Revolution Reloaded Highlighters  opinion

I bought this beauties as soon as they was released on the market and I had such huge plans to make review as soon as possible but unfortunately it came out as always. 
I hope that after a few months still this post will be useful for you and interesting.

The Revolution brand doesn't need to be presented to anyone, I think it's really available everywhere and what I like very much in their philosophy is that despite decent quality, better and better packaging, fashionable cosmetics and investing in advertising they doesn't raise prices. Of course, we can find in their offer products mega cheap and slightly more expensive but still the most expensive thing 196 Colour Eye Shadow Palette costs £28. Is still an achievable brand for everyone what can't be said about their competition. Today I have reviews of their new Revolution Highlights Reloaded but recently I am very tempted by their skin care, let me know if you had something, are they worth attention?

Revolution baked highlighters review

Highlight Reloaded is a series of baked highlighters with an impressive looking pattern. They remind me of highlighters that were released late last year by Kiko and Nabla, are you remember them?
Is it a their dupe I can't tell because I simple don't have them in my collection.
They cost £3 for 10 g and as I mentioned earlier is a baked product, so I am sure that it will last for ever. They are available in five shades but there are no comparative photos or swatches on the website, so I must admit that it was a bit hard to decide.
Often, this is what lack in drugstore brands to show us a swatches and comparisons such as, for example in Huda Beauty products.

As for the effects they given it all depends on the shade. Make an Impact as for me and for sure most of the lighter complexion will be too dark as a highlighter but it will work great as a topper under blush or as a blush. In itself doesn't give a very visible pink colour only a delicate glimmer, therefore as a blush will more suitable for people who likes such a subtle, illuminated effect.
As for the second shade that I have Dare to Divulge I wasn't convinced at first but now I see its advantages. Is a good highlighter if you want to get an unobtrusive glow, more from the inside. This is certainly not a glow visible from space but it still looks beautiful and healthy. When it comes to their lasting power, they both lasts all day with the same intensity, blends nicely without creating any cut-off and does not emphasize the texture of the skin what is also a huge advantage.

 MUA Shimmer Highlight Powder vs Revolution Reloaded Highlighters

I can recommend them to everyday, healthy looking makeup but keep in mind that not every shade will be suitable for a typical European complexion as a highlighter.
A good alternative to these highlighters can be even a bit cheaper MUA Shimmer Highlight Powder. You have to forgive me that I will not compare or swatch them, but I prefer leave it untouched to the future giveaway.

Do you pay attention to the pattern on cosmetics?
Do you like Revolution highlighters?

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  3. Todo es precioso! Espero tu opinión en mi último post! Feliz día! 😘😘😘

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