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Thursday 20 June 2019

New Makeup Releases June

new makeup june 2019

I have the impression that in the summer there are even twice as many new releases as usual. I always save everything what I want to show you in this series and already two weeks ago my list was full. I am not able to discuss everything because this post would last for centuries but I hope that I chose the most interesting launches.

1. Sample Beauty New Mini Palettes £20 Each

Sample Beauty is a brand located in Uk, I'm thinking about buying one of these pallets but I'm not 100% convinced, would you be interested to see a review of any of them?

2. Makeup Geek New Collection Face Palettes $24.99 Each, Eyeshadow Palette $29.99, Brow Duo $10

This is one of the first not drugstores brands which I tried, so I have a special sentiment for MUG. These face palettes looks nice, they have a perfect travel friendly packaging but currently I don't need a new bronzer or blush.

3. Milani Gilded Noir & Gilded Rouge - Available From June 11th/Celestial Palette $19.99

Both contain only shimmers eyeshadows. I don't like this kind of palettes, for me personally mattes are absolutely necessary in the eyes makeup. What do you think?

4. Ciate London Watermelon Burst Primer £24

5. Makeup Revolution
Pride Collection Small Palettes £8 Bigger £10 Highlighter £5

Cruelty-free False Eyelashes Available From August 

I was very happy when I saw this news. I don't wear false eyelashes on a daily basis, more to a blog or Instagram makeup, so I don't need anything super expensive. Revolution you can often get on offer 3 for 2, so it goes out even cheaper. I will definitely buy them next time when I will make a order at Superdrug and I will let you know what the quality is.

6. Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions  £27

On the beginning when I saw these palettes I was very excited and I wanted to have them and even signed up for notification to inform me as soon as they appears on the Cultbeauty. However after a long reflection, seeing the first reviews, I decided that they are not as outstanding as they seemed to me at the beginning and pigmented like rest mini Huda's palettes. The fact that they are 2 pounds more expensive than the previous ones doesn't appeal to me either. I do not know if this is caused by eg. cost of production but like every other customer I does not like when brands raises prices. Maybe in the future I will find some great opportunity then I will probably buy one, but at the moment I pass.

7. The Ordinary The No-Brainer Set ( 3 x 30ml ) £24
8. Benefit Hello Happy Velvet Powder Foundation  £26

It's been a long time since Benefit came out with something new, so super that they finally woke up. Currently I have an eye on another, powder so this is nothing interesting for me..

9. bPerfect x Stacy Marie MUA Round 2 Available Soon

Bperfect is one of the brands I would like to try this year and it is possible that I will succeed because this palette caught my attention. It was created in cooperation with the Stacy Marie and so far only few shades from many others have been shown. I am very curious to see how the whole palette will be looks like and of course what price will be😁

10. Maybelline Super Stay Concealer Available Soon
Maybelline Super Stay Concealer

I'm not a big fan of the foundation from this series, so I will not spend my money on this concealer.

11. Jeffree Star
Jawbreaker Collection  Available From June 21st

Like every year Jeffree Star releases summer collections, this time the packaging has a juicy, lime color. The bigger eyeshadow palette is a bit more expensive than the previous ones but it contains more shades. This time it has a standard, easy to store packaging - not like a coffin or alien, so it seems to me that the cost of production could be similar hmm. Pastel colors are now very trendy, so I'm not surprised by this choice. It is a pity that the mini palette is not kept in this vibe and didn't have a more beautiful shades better corresponding with each other. Generally the collection is very nice but at this point not on my budget hehe.

Lip glosse
s  £19
Definitely the trend on very matte lips has gone and replaced by shine finish that's why more and more companies launching lip gloss on the market. Personally, I don't like so much matte lipsticks  but £ 19 for a lip gloss is too excessive price in my opinion, which I certainly would not pay. I will stay at more attractive drugstore options.

12. Becca Champagne Pop Collectors Edition  £38 Stick £30 Pressed Highlighter £29 Drops £18 Lip Gloss £32 Dust Highlighter

To the one of the most popular highlighter - namely champaign pop Becca has now created whole collection. Did someone need it? Personally, I prefer new ideas and not over and over the same shit which are created only for earn even more money on one and the same.

13. Dominique Cosmetics Rustic Glam Palette  $44

The founder of this brand is the popular influencer Christen Dominique and this is her next proposition. Coloring is pretty nice but I think I already have all these shades in my collection. If you will be interesting to see a dupes, let me know.

14. theBalm Fire Highlight & Blush Duo  $26  Each

15. Melt Impulsive Palette  £52

The packaging of this palette is so ugly that even if had the best colour scheme in the world, I wouldn't want it. Reminds me of such cheap Chinese or kids makeup.😐

16. Too Faced Born This Way Powder Foundation  

17. Violet Voss Best Life  Palette  

18. September Rose Brew Palette  £19.99

19. Ace Beaute Flair Eyeshadow Palette  £30

I like this palette but I do not know if I would spend £30 on it hmmm, what do you think is worth that money?

20. Essence Lash Princess Waterproof Version Mascara  Available Soon

Lash Princess is one of my old time favorite mascaras that I gladly come back to. After all these years Essence finally created its waterproof versions. Definitely as soon as I finished the mascara which I currently use, I will buy it. If this will really fulfills the manufacturer's promises, it will be the perfect option for the summer.

21. Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette  £46

This palette was created in cooperation with the popular drag queen Alyssa Edwards. I have never seen this show, so I have no idea who she is and the color scheme is not interesting for me at all. It seems to me that slowly gone the hype around Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, probably the reason why is because the last two proposals were nothing innovative, special, nothing that you would like to buy immediately. I hope that her future projects will be more successful.

22. Buxom Pastel Dreams Full-On Plumping Lip Cream  £15

23. Beauty Bay The Collection Sets  £35 - £39

These are not new cosmetics but I wanted to let you know that on the Beauty Bay appeared an option to buy such sets. They are really very profitable and their value far exceeds the price you have to pay. Great option to save money and try more cosmetics.

24. It Cosmetics Confidence In  a  £42 Neck Cream  £30 Gel Lotion  £30 Eye Cream 

25. Nyx Bare With Me Collection  £10 Skin Tinted Veil  £15 Jelly Primer £10 Spray £9 Cheek Tint 

Did you find something for yourself?
What do you plan to buy and what definitely not?


  1. Dużo tego ☺
    Ja jestem ciekawa tego korektora z Maybelline choć za marką średnio przepadam ☺

    1. Pewnie mocno kryjący tak jak podkład, a lubisz Superstaya? Zobaczymy może pojawią się za niedługo jakieś recenzje:D Również pozdrawiam:**

  2. Great tips, thank you. I am trying to start with make-up lately :)

  3. Bardzo duży wybór :), preferuję kosmetyki naturalne, więc linia 'The Ordinary' mogłaby mi leżeć :) pozdrawiam!

    1. The Ordinary mają sporo naprawdę fajnych kosmetyków ale też sporo takich see, jednak warto próbować:):**A jaka jest twoja ulubiona marka?

  4. These products are all amazing I did not know there was a cream for neck only I would love to try it and the colours of these pallets are a rainbow feast Thanks for sharing babe xoxo Cris

    1. Lovely that something caught your attention:**Regards!

  5. I love the milani palettes. I love a little shimmer!


    1. Oh yeaahh, I love all of the eyeshadow palettes hehe:D

  6. Kupilam kolekcje Jawbreaker :) nie wszystko ale wiekszosc. ABH Alyssa kupie jak na sale pojdzie :)

    1. Jestem ciekawa jak wielką kolekcję kosmetyków masz kochana, chętnie zobaczyłabym ten raj hehe:D Pewnie warto poczekać i kupić taniej, widziałam że w Uk już jest -30% na kolekcje gry o tron:D

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