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Saturday 21 December 2019

The Worst & Disappointing Releases Of 2019

bad Releases and dramas Of 2019

Unfortunately, not all cosmetic releases in 2019 were well received and reviewed by customers. Some brands met with a huge criticism and it definitely wasn't the best time for them. Who failed and whose ideas did not make good impression on us, you will find out in today's post.

Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipsticks
Jaclyn Cosmetics drama

Literally the whole Internet was speaking about this drama and it was definitely the biggest scandal in 2019. Namely, loved by millions of fans youtuber Jaclyn Hill after long expectations released a collection of nude lipsticks by her own company, which speaking gently had a quality problems. Customers found hair, scraps of material, black dots and even a metal objects in them. After this whole scandal, she became the face of many memes and definitely her reputation and popularity suffered. Officially Jaclyn blame the producing laboratory and the famous white gloves, but the truth we will probably never find out ... Lipsticks have been discontinued from sale and customers have apparently received a full refund, but I think this will not be forgotten for a long time and this is by far the biggest fail on this year.

Tarte Icy Betch Eye Cheek Palette

Last year on Easter Tarte announced the new blue- green palette which delighted the beauty community while moments later it turned out that it was only a April Fool's. Unfortunately, this joke did not end well for Tarte because people were outraged. Other brands ,,borrowed'' this idea, produced their dupes and earned good money. On this year however Tarte decided to release the palette in a similar style, but it was too late. Who wanted this color story bought already cheaper alternative and didn't need another blue-green palette, which for many of us is truly not such a useful combination. Tarte definitely missed out their 5 minutes.

Morphe James Charles Mini Artistry Palette
new Mini Artistry Palette

This "new" palette caused a lot of comments, asking who needs this and the belief that it is released only to earn more money on the same idea than with love to makeup. James Charles is undoubtedly a creative person but unfortunately this launch is not ...

Bh Cosmetics Zodiac Mini Palettes Collection
Bh Cosmetics all Zodiac Mini

The idea for the collection was really cool, namely a monthly series of palettes accordance with the applicable zodiac sign, but unfortunately the colors were totally wrong. Bh played a little too safe and boring. Supposed to be so good and fun but unfortunately it was a sales flap. Somewhere, they lacked creativity and a concept for this collection.

Haus Laboratories
Haus Laboratories fail of 2019?

It would seems that the company Haus Laboratories founded by Lady Gaga will repeat the success of Fenty but it didn't happen so far. Released cosmetics have not been met with favorable reviews and excitement. Hopefully the next collections will be more successful ...

Juvia's Place Nubian 3 Coral Palette

I don't think anyone expected the interior of this palette will be looks like this. At the beginning, when Juvia's announced the new Nubian 3 Coral, everyone was very excited but when it turned out how the final palette looks like, the whole hype has gone. To be honest, I was also expecting something different and I am not convinced by the combination of gray with reds ... From the moment of launched this palette I have the impression that I hear much less about the new Juvia's Place products, so undoubtedly it was not a good idea for the brand.

Revolution Collaborations
Revolution Collaborations comparison

To the first half of the year Revolution tortured us with collaborations that were far too similar to each other and at too short intervals. They barely announced one collaboration and the next week was already new .. Good that they finally start to listen customers opinion and slowed down a little.

Jeffree Star Mystery Boxes & Gloss Lip Gloss Diet Freeze
Lip Gloss Diet Freeze

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is known for his extraordinary names and shades but this lip gloss looks honesty terrible. It was not a sales hit and rather no one saw it's beauty, especially for £16. 2019 was also not the best for his mystery boxes because each time there were some drama associated with them. Accusations of expired content, mistakes in descriptions (describing the stickers as a beauty item) and general dissatisfaction. To be honest about such a beauty boxes opinions are always divided, some people love them and the other hates. Anyway good that JCS stood at the height of the task and openly informed customers about the issue and how the situation will be resolved.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Foundation
Fenty Beauty

It seemed that the newest Fenty foundation will achieve the same or maybe even bigger hype than the original version but something unfortunately went wrong. I've seen quite a few reviews but they weren't too enthusiastic, people was complained about sitting on the skin, separation, not very good lasting power or create a mask:(. Hopefully the next Fenty proposal will be a better.

Urban Decay Game Of Thrones Collection
Game Of Thrones Collection

As a fan of the series, I admit that I was extremely disappointed with this collection. Packaging and design was really wonderful, but the colors selection hardly associated with the series. Urban Decay could really surprise us and create something unique but came out pretty average. Do you agree with this opinion, or maybe you liked this collection?

Jouer Cosmetics Tan Lines Matte Shimmer And Luxe Foil Eyeshadow Palette
Jouer Cosmetics Tan Lines

It was like easy to guess the summer Jouer collection. This palette looks really beautiful but unfortunately has a huge drawback, namely poor pigmentation. Shades looks only beautiful in the palette but unfortunately they aren't so great on the eyelids. I was thinking about buying this palette but I'm glad that I check out her reviews before.

Do you agree that these were the most unsuccessful or disappointing 
collections / cosmetics of 2019?
Or maybe you have some even worse ?
Of course, as always share your opinion and have a nice weekend!


  1. Ahh it's such a shame these products were all so disappointing! I love the Jouer lip glosses but this palette sounds awful. It looks so pretty and it's definitely not good it doesn't live up to what it portrays ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. You're absolutely right sweetheart:** Have you ever tried their concealer? I heard about him really great opinions and have to try in 2020:D :**

  2. I don't really know these, so they can't have been that good ;-D

    1. hehehe:) You haven't heard of any of them before?:**

  3. Thanks for your honest estimates. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  4. Great post! I thought zodiac palettes would be a little more interesting, but ended up disappointed too.
    Would you like us to follow each other?

    1. Unfortunately, they didn't have creative ideas for this collection:( Of course, I will be loved to:**

  5. Szkoda, że się nie sprawdziły te produkty.

    1. Tak to już niestety jest, że nie wszystkie nowości mają świetną jakość i pomysł:*

  6. Hübsch, hübsch, gefällt mir sehr gut. LG Romy

    1. I understand, everyone can have a different opinion:*

  7. Very good conclusion :). Also for me it was hard that Anastasia Beverly Hills published so many palettes that it was not not possible to have an overview of new products.
    Have a great New Year!
    Nancy :)

    1. Ooooh, I totally agree with you. I think they've also lost their prestigious status and pushed customers away from them. We'll see how it will be in 2020: D :** For you too!