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Sunday 29 March 2020

New Makeup Releases March

march 2020 new makeup and skin care launches

In this month new makeup releases you can observe some kind of returning trends on pastels, neutral tones and everything what is glowy. There will be a lot of palettes with such a colors stories, which is quite enjoyable after all these crazy rainbow shades and brocades. What else can we expect, you'll find out in later part.

1. Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Collection  $20

2. Menagerie Cosmetics Pastel Pup Palette  $36 & New Pastel Trifoil Toppers  $6
Pastel Trifoil Toppers

This palette contains 1 shade which is a topper in bluish shade and 7 pastel mattes, white and black. I am a bit surprised by the first shade choice because seems to me not match that great to the rest of them. It would definitely be better if 4 new Trifoil Toppers will appeared here, then it would definitely be a sales hit.

3. Fresh Beauty New Sugar Lip Balms  £15

4. Ofra x Samantha March Collection  $35 Each Blush and Highlighter Duo, $27 Lip Duo

5. Catrice  Limited Edition Minnie & Daisy Disney Collection  Available soon

This palettes are cute but they probably don't appear in the UK anyway, so I don't even bother.

6. Morphe x Saweetie 24A Artist Pass Collection  £29 Palette, £29 Brush Set, £10 Setting Mist, £20 Lip Gloss Trio

7. Dior Garden of Light Spring 2020 Collection  Available soon

Omg the packaging of this blush/ highlighter is very cute! I have not had anything new for a long time from Dior, so maybe it's time to shopping😍

8. Colourpop 
Disney Mulan  $22 Palette, $9 Lux Gloss, $9 Lipstick, $10 Fan, $12 Blush, $17 Face Milk

The Full Beat Blending Sponge Kit  $7 Each$20 Set

9. Fourth Ray Dew It Hydrating Mist  $12

I mega like this word twist in the name. Currently with my combination complexion, I rarely reach for moisturizing sprays, so this is not the product that encourages me to try the brand.

10. Artist Couture Supreme Nudes Collection  $40 Palette, $18 Lipstick, $27 Glow Powder

11. Lime Crime Lip Pops  £16

12. Kevyn Aucoin Stripped Nude Skin Tint  $42

13. JD Glow Vivid Neon And Pastel Liners  $9.50

Great option, if you want to add a little color, you like pastels but instead of buying the whole palette that will be lying and dusted, you prefer to add only a small accent. I think we will definitely be seeing more this type this of eyeliners, especially in the summer.

14. Milani Ludicrous Lights Collection   $10.99 Highlighter, Lip Gloss  $8.99

15. KKW Beauty Classic II Collection  $20 Nude Gloss, $45 Palette

This palette is very similar to Bronze Heaven which I liked before. A wonderful, cool tone that will surely find lot of fans.

16. Makeup Revolution / Revolution Etc.
 Easter Bunny Palettes  £6

Skincare Eye Cream  £8 Each

Eye creams are just what was missing in their assortment. I wonder if the avocado version should be the dupe of the iconic Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado which I really liked, so for £8 would be a mega profitable alternative. It is possible that if I finish my current cream stocks I will buy this one.

Spf 15 or 30 For Nortmal To Dry Or Oily Skin  £10

Revolution Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation  £10

,,This new foundation is described as being their most hard working, multi-purpose foundation that’s perfect for dry to combination skin. The Revolution Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation offers buildable coverage, taking it from sheer to full depending on your method of application, whilst leaving your skin hydrated and protected. The Revolution Pro CC Cream Perfecting Foundation contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to protect the skin whilst evening out the skin tone with the infusion of anti-oxidants like vitamin E that help to reduce any redness. Revolution also claim the formula will work to diffuse the appearance of wrinkles whilst offering long lasting coverage that doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin.'' Sounds really interesting, so I will definitely buy it.

Sculpting Bronzer £9 & Perfecting Pressed Powder £9
Link               Link

Quads  £10

17. Sugarpill Capsule Palette C2  £33.72

18. Melt Cosmetics Rust Collection  £49 Palette, £16 Ultra-Matte Gel Liner, £14 Ultra-Matte Lipsticks

Rust stack was one of their most popular products, so just like in the case of Radioactive, they decided to create a palette using these shades + additionally new ones. Very nice, daily, useful colors but I think that if I decide to buy a new palette in browns, it will be in a cooler tones because I have too many such warm ones.

19. Linda Hallberg Interstellar Liquid Eyeshadow  £27

20. ABH Lash Brag Volumising Mascara £26- £14 + Re-release of Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit  £42
Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit
Link                       Link

Finally something different then eyeshadow palette. Until now they did not have mascara in their offer, so makes sense for the brand.

21. Essence 
High Beauty Collection  Available Soon

Bloom Baby, Bloom! Collection
essence Bloom Baby, Bloom! Collection

I really like this brand, so always great to see something new from them. If only something of this will be available in UK I would happily buy a highlighter because I haven't tried their formula yet.

22. Sigma Cor-De-Rosa Collection  Available From 14.4.20

23. Profusion Neon Festival Palettes  $5

24. Good Molecules Pineapple Exfoliating Powder   $16

,,Formulated with fruit enzymes, vitamin C and rice powder to soften, brighten and gently exfoliate''

25. Lethal x Jolina Collection  £14 Lipstick, £35 Palette, £13 Lip Gloss

This is a German brand that I have been eyeing since last year. Palette has a little ABH vibe, what do you think?

26. Jouer Essential Hydrating Lip Oil  £17.75

27. W7 It’s Glow Time Radiant Foundation  £5.95

Definitely the bottle doesn't look like a product costing £ 5.95. ,,Radiant Foundation is a lightweight foundation that gives the skin a natural, luminous finish! Formulated for a medium coverage, the foundation blends seamlessly and evens out complexion.''

28. Ciate Dewy Blush Glossy Cheek Tint  £19

29. Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller  Exclusive To Amazon US

This roller is something very strange for me and it seems a bit disgusting😅

30. Stila Double Dip Suede Shade & Glitter & Glow  $24

Despite the quarantine and the whole world situation, it was really a busy month.
Do you buy cosmetics or save because of the virus?
I hope you feel good and take care of yourself !!


  1. Muy buenas recomendaciones. Un beso y feliz tarde 🌈🌈🌈

  2. Qué de recomendaciones! Me gustan mucho las de color pastel.
    Un besito

    1. Definitely pastels will be mega trendy this spring and summer: D Regards:**

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    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment💙💙

  4. OGM so many! I have some (good molecules, milani i Abh paletke ) i duzo wiecej chce :) Profusiion chyba mi wysle te paletki , cos mowili ale ta sytuacja z virusem ... paczka jak narazie zatrzymana, oni wogole maja nowe paletki ktore chce kupic ale jak nie wysylaaj to musze poczekac

    1. Ty to masz super kochana 💙 💙 Ciekawe jak będzie z jakością, jeszcze nigdy nie miałam nic tej firmy:D Noo w Usa niestety ten wirus najbardziej szaleje:(:(

  5. The lip balms look so nice! Lovely collections that are out now, lots of fun things to try! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you had a great weekend! :) We had a quiet one at home of course!

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, for you too💙

  6. Jak zwykle sporo nowości kosmetycznych ☺
    Wypatruje i wyczekuje paletki Catrice 💞

    1. Ciekawe kiedy się pojawi w sklepie przez tego wirusa:( 😍😍Buziaczki!

  7. I want to try all of theses! The color of the pencil looks so pretty :)
    i miss you poems

  8. Hi, so many options. I'm in love with this number 2 - Pastel Pup Palette.

    Inventando com a Mamãe / Instagram  / Facebook / Pinterest

    1. I saw her reviews and unfortunately they were not very positive :(

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    1. Totally agree, looks really cute 😍😍 Regards💙💙

  11. Ahhh, so many gorgeous new makeup goodies! Thanks for sharing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Some gorgeous and colourful releases here :-D

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment💙💙

  13. Uma publicação sensacional, com uma grande variedade de produtos!...
    No momento estou usando menos maquilhagem do que o habitual... por causa do uso de máscaras... muito em breve, será decretado uso obrigatório, por estes lados e para os próximos tempos...

    1. In Uk we don't wear masks yet but who knows how it will be in a next few weeks, hopefully it will be end soon :(💙💙

  14. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘