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Thursday 2 July 2020

New Makeup Releases June

New Makeup Releases June

I am sorry that I am a bit late with this post, it should appear a few days ago but lately I have a lot of things on my head. In many countries the virus situation has improved, stationary stores have been opened and probably thats why a lot of brands have released their suspended collections. I tried to choose the most interesting ones but there were many nice launches 😎.

1. Melt Cosmetics Shes In Parties Palette   $48

This is another palette whose shades were previously in the form of stack. I like purples but they don't convince me, they seem so old-fashioned. What do you think?

2. PLouise Dishin’ The Dirt Collection  From £9 To £75 

3. Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara  Available Soon

The shape of this brush is a bit scary but I am very curious how it works: D

4. Makeup Geek Soft Focus Eyeshadow Collection  $5.49

5. Nabla Cosmetics Miami Lights Collection  Palette £25, Arrow £14,50, Skin Glazing £20 Bronzer £20, Lip Gloss £14

This collection is really pretty. I wanted to take a break from Nabla this year, but I am tempted by everything soo much: D

6. Holo Taco Rainbow Collection  $14
Holo Taco Rainbow Collection

7. Inglot Matte Neon Single Eyeshadows  £5
This year I would like to focus a bit more on buying single eyeshadows than palettes, so this new launch from Inglot catches my attention. I checked and in Poland they are almost £2 cheaper for one pan so if I will visit my family next month I will definitely buy some. Let me know if you would be interested in their review?

8. Tom Ford The Traceless Soft Matte Foundation  Available From 15th July
Tom Ford The Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

9. Kaima Cosmetics  Pressed Multichrome Eyeshadows  £12
This is something created perfectly for me. I love duochromes, sparkles and this uniqueness. Until now, Iindie multichromes have always scared me off because they were in the form of loose pigments and obviously pressed eyeshadows are much easier at work. I am very happy about this release and they will definitely be mine because this company is located in the UK.

10. Elf
Retro Paradise Collection  From £14 To £5
Elf x JKissa To The Rescue Collection  Palette $20, Brush Set $25, Eyeshadow Duo $12

This is their second joint collection and this time is inspired by animals. The names of the shades were named after the JKissa's dogs and those that are waiting for adoption. The author encourages and promotes the adoption of animals which is admirable, it's great that this is not just a new money maker makeup but it carries some message. If you upload a picture of your pet with an hashtag #eyelipsfacepaws on the instagram Elf will donate $1 up to $25,000. Inside you will get shade protection foil with stickers to personalize your palette which is also an original idea.

11. Mac Cosmetics The Power Glass Plumping  $21
Mac Cosmetics The Power Glass Plumping

12. Pat Mcgrath Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II Palette  £115

Colors, all design and everything in this palette is wonderful except for the price hehe😂

13. Maybelline The Lifter Gloss  $6.98
14. Kiko Unexpected Paradise Collection  From £22.99 To £4.99

15. Barry M Hi Vis Bold Waterproof Eyeliner  £3.99
Barry M Hi Vis Bold Waterproof Eyeliner

Definitely at some point they will enters to my life because I love colorful liners and the more that the price is low. 🌈

16. Beauty Bay 
Pastel Collection Palette  £10 , Brush Set £20
Beauty Bay  Pastel Collection

I definitely don't need the brushes. I already had this palette in the basket and then I changed my mind:). I have a lot of colorful palettes that I I barely using so, despite the fact that is so cheap, it makes no sense to me purchase new pastel palette.

New Skin Care  Make It Rain Face Mist  £5 NouriShing Oil £7.50
New Skin Care  Make It Rain Face Mist New Skin Care  NouriShing Oil

I tried their skin care line and I wasn't impressed, so I am not interested either.

17. Kaleidos Escape Pod Collection  Palette $42, Blush Duo $18, Highlighter $14, Eye Primer $10, Makeup Sponges $10, Lip Gloss $16

The Kaleidos has growing so fast and releases a lot of fashionable, aesthetically pleasing collections and big schame that it's not located in the Uk :( The Escape palette has for me a little bit Huda Mercury Retrograde vibe.

18. Revolution & Others
Hygiene  £6
XX Revolution
Primers  £15 ,Setting Spray £10
Micro Brow Pencil £7, Brow Pencil £6, Brow Pomade £8, Lip Glosses £8
Foundation £15 , Concealer £10, Powder £12
XX Revolution foundation

CrystalXX  £16, LuXX Palette £18, Quad  £10
XX Revolution eyeshadow palettes

Duo Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow £10, Face Palette  £18, Duo Chrome Eyeliner £10, Highlighter £12
XX Revolution duochrome

In last releases episode, I mentioned about the new sister brand XX Revolution, but then there wasn't much information about prices and details, so I think you might be interested in update. Recently on their Polish Instagram they organized a contest in which I was tagged by one of the wonderful bloggers on this platform SYS which was very nice and of course I encourage you to check out and comment her posts.😍😍
I bought from this line duochrome liquid eyeshadows whose review and swatches will appear soon if you are interesting.

Revolution Neon Glow Nail Polish  £5
Revolution Neon Glow Nail Polish

Makeup Revolution x Makeup by Tammi Tropical Twilight Collection  Eyeshadow Palette  £20, Face Palette  £10, Lip Set  £10

It is already their 3 collaboration, which this time is dedicated more to people with dark complexion. Tammi in her youtube introduction said that this is something that according to her was missing in the Revolution range for dark skinned people and that they should be suitable for different undertones because she also tested them on her partner. This is nothing that I would need and had a lot of use but I totally agree that there is a lack of drugstore makeup on the market for black girls or boys. 

Makeup Revolution Neon Revolution Collection  £6 Each

19. No7 Advanced Retinol 1.5% Complex Night Concentrate  £34
Im practically unfamiliar with No7 brand, so far I have probably only tried their lipstick and I would really like to change it when I still live in the UK. Retinol is rather used in the autumn and winter, so even if sounds intresting, seems to me strange to promote it in the summer when almost noone is interested in such skin care.

20. Natasha Denona Bronze Collection  Cheek Face Glow Palette £69.95, Eyeshadow Palette £80.95, Lip Oh-Phoria £39

21. Zoeva Radiant Bronzer Highlighter  £20.50
Zoeva Radiant Bronzer Highlighter

I remember when the face trio from Zoeva containing the highlighter, bronzer and blush was for £12, so I don't like that they are getting more and more pricey. 

22. Pixi Clarity Collection  Cleanser £18, Lotion £24, Tonic £18-10, Concentrate £26
Pixi Clarity Collection

23. Morphe
Morphe x Maddie Ziegler Collection  Lip & Cheek Duo £18, Palette £24, Dew Bomb Face Stick £12

Morphe x Coca Cola Collection Lip Kit £19, Palette £22, Loose Highlighter £15, Brush Set £29
Morphe x Coca Cola Collection

24. Huda Beauty & Wishful
Glow Coco Hydrating Mist  £30

Silk Hydra Plumping Lip Balm  £18  & Wishful Skin Clean Genie Cleansing Butter  £31
Silk Hydra Plumping Lip Balm Wishful Cleansing Butter
Link                                                           Link

Huda seems to be much more focused on promoting her skin care brand than beauty, which seems not so beneficial. Her makeup became famous mainly because of innovative ideas and Wishful just lacking it.

25. NYX Ultimate Escape Artist & Utopia Palettes  £35
NYX Ultimate Escape Artist & Utopia Palettes
Link                                                             Link

26. Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Away Dewy Coconut Face Luminizer  £28

27. Fenty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipsticks  £19

28. Glossier Priming Moisturiser Balance Oil Control Gel Cream  £23
Glossier Priming Moisturiser Balance Oil Control Gel Cream

Something caught your attention?
Do you purchase summers collections: pastels, browns?


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