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Monday 20 July 2020

XX Revolution XXcharged Duo Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow

New XX Revolution Eyeshadows Review & Swatches  / Are They Really Duochromes?!
New XX Revolution review

The sister brand XX Revolution is a total new on the market that is why it raises a lot of interest and curiosity. Cosmetics from this line are much more expensive compared to their other companies, so let's check if we only pay for better packaging design or also for better quality ?!

Eye makeup is my favorite part on which I focus the most and spend the most time. I have a lot of palettes and pressed eyeshadows in my collection, so I wasn't interested in their new palettes at all, I definitely not need them but I still wanted to buy something from XX Revolution. After checking the entire range, I came across multi-chromed liquid eyeshadows that I have not heard about surprisingly before. I love duochromes, multichromes, sparkles and glow, so they had to be mine😎. Costs £10 for 1.7 ml but I was able to find them on sale in Boots for £5 and they are currently available in 4 shades: Evoke – green, Stimulate – steel blue, Thrill – pinky purple, Excite - bronze. I decided to buy two that seemed most useful for me. The packaging is quite standard for this type of product, i.e. plastic with a brush applicator. When I opened my package I was a bit surprised how tiny they were because seemed to me that for such a price they would be bigger. In the picture you can see how small they are in comparison to liquid eyeshadows from Beauty Bay that costs £6.

Beauty Bay Liquid Eyeshadow vs XX Revolution XXcharged Duo Chrome

New XX Revolution eyeshadows review and swatches

Shade Thrill
XX Revolution XXcharged Duo Chrome Thrill Review and swatches

I honestly thought that this shade will be much nicer but is kept in a cooler tone, which looks a bit grayish and dirty on the eyelid (reminds me of Makeup Geek- Rebel), it is hard to match it with other eyeshadows which is another downside. Has a quite good pigment, but one layer is not enough to get an even color and if we add it too much then begins to roll in the crease, the previous layers wipe off and gets mudy: d. It's best to just tap it gently by your finger tips on the top of shimmer /metallic eyeshadow <matts not work great with this formula> then the effect is more subtle but easier to manage and stays intact all day. When it comes to the effect of reflection of light on different colors, you can see something on the hand during swatches however there is no such duochrome effect on the eyelid at all.

XX Revolution Liquid Eyeshadow Shade Thrill makeup XX Revolution Liquid Eyeshadow makeup
This beautiful reflection of pink is mainly 8 shade in Revolution Foil Frenzy Palette

Shade Excite
XX Revolution Liquid Eyeshadow Shade Excite Review and swatches

This shade is much better both in terms of color and quality than the previous one but it is still not what I expected. Despite the fact that it is on a gold brown base is also on this cooler side tone which is extremely strange. I don't know why XX Revolution so stuck to such a cooler tones because it doesn't look good😣. In this shade, the pigment is much more even and saturated, so even one layer is sufficient and don't need anything underneath to get stick to eyelid. When it comes to the most important reason why we decide to buy it namely duochrome efect is the same case as in the Thrill, you can't see it at all. Even in the photo with the make-up it looks like an ordinary brown liquid eyeshadow.

XX Revolution Liquid Eyeshadow Shade Excite  XX Revolution Liquid Eyeshadow Shade Excite makeup

All Swatches Are Without Primer
XX Revolution Liquid Eyeshadow Swatches

Duo Chrome eyeshadows UK swatches

Duochrome liquid eyeshadows available in Uk

Summarizing the new XX Revolution brand unfortunately didn't impress me. These eyeshadows in theory supposed to be really cool, unique but they are very bad and don't fulfill the manufacturer's promises. Something went wrong with this formula and unfortunately it is not refined. Price £10 for such a small product and with such poor quality is also a huge exaggeration. If you are looking for good liquid eyeshadows then I can recommend those ones from Beauty Bay own brand, especially Fluorite with duochrome effect. It's been a long time since I was so disappointed by any Revolution etc cosmetics.😣

Have you tried anything from XX Revolution?
Do you know any good liquid or pressed eyeshadows with a duo or multichrome effect?


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