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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Random Reviews / Elf, Physicians Formula, Dove & Kiehl's

Random Skin Care & Makeup Reviews
Random Skin Care & Makeup Reviews

Today I have another episode of a new series of random reviews, so kind of mish mash of brands, skin care, makeup, accessories and really everything 😁.
If you missed the previous one with brands such as Garnier, Mario Badescu, CeraVe, of course I encourage you to catch up.

Elf Eye Crease Brush
Elf Eye Crease Brush

Elf Eye Crease Brush opinion

I got this brush for free to my purchase, the more I am surprised how good the quality is. Bristles is soft, cleaning well, is compact and perfectly pick up shades. Cost only £3 so if you are looking for such a small brush for example to highlight the inner corner or for the lower eyelid, I can truly recommend it. If I only will be have the opportunity then I will gladly try more models from them.

Physicians Formula Butter Blush
Physicians Formula Butter Blush, worth the hype?

Physicians Formula Butter Blush opinion

I got this blush from my sister, the more I am sad that this is total fail. First of all, I rarely reach for this type of nudy rosy shades like Plum Rose, I prefer more peach tones and secondly it's terribly poor pigmented. When I saw it for the first time I even thought it was a bronzer because is so dark and I was scared when I saw the name blush: d. However, despite the fact that I have light complexion is practically invisible on me and has veryy strong coconut scent. The packaging is charming, solid with a mini mirror and brush but the blush itself is not the best. Costs £10.99 for 7.5 g and probably in this case we pay more for the packaging because better quality blushes from Sleek you can easly get for £4.99.  Maybe it is just this shade and other would be better but I don't even bother on this point.

Physicians Formula Butter Blush

Physicians Formula Butter Blush plum rose swatches

Dove Cream Shower Peeling Macadamia & Rice Milk
Dove Cream Shower Peeling Macadamia & Rice Milk

I have not had anything from Dove for a long time apart of shower gels and in Superdrug were a big sale for their skin care, so I started to look at what they have interesting and I have find out this scrub. This is a mussy in consistency body peeling that smells heavenly and lasts a long time. The skin after using is incredibly smooth, soft but not irritated as it sometimes happens with stronger peels. Even my fiancé has used it several times and he was also delighted by this scent and results, and he doesn't belong to the group of men who are peeling their body. Costs £5.99 for 225ml and his only minus is unfortunately the efficiency. Such packaging is enough for me only for a month, maybe a bit longer with regular use, which doesn't make it a budget friendly option. To sum up, I am happy with its formula and results but I will not buy it again because I prefer something that will serve me longer.

Dove Cream Shower Peeling Macadamia & Rice Milk opinion

Kiehl's Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum
Kiehl's Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum review

Kiehl's Vital Skin-Strengthening serum opinion

I got this sample of Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum for free thanks to the Magicfreebiesuk website. I had a few products from Kiehl's before and they worked really well. In the regular price it costs £42 for 30ml or £60 for 50ml but you can expect it because Kiehl's skin care is not affordable at the drugstore level or, for example Inkey List or The Ordinary. When it comes to results, I can't tell you too much because you need have to use it longer, while it was enough for seven uses, so today I will focus more on the formula and such a general impression. It has such a suspensiony milky shade and a strong fresh spicy herb scent which has a stimulating and relaxing effect on me. I used it both during the day and at night and I had no problems under the makeup, everything lasted all day. When it comes to my first impression, my skin was definitely more radiant, healthy, I didn't have any skin problems after such as drying out, irritation or clogged pores etc. Absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky film. Will I buy a full-size packaging? Probably not because currently my skin is in great condition and I do not need to add any additional ingredients or products. I found products that work great for me at a much lower price point, but if from the manufacturer's description and my first impression it sounds like something perfect for you then give it a go, because I'm satisfied.

Did you have any of these products?
 Do you agree with my opinion about them?


  1. Thanks for sharing sweetheart! I love the Dove products!
    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Miałam ten peeling z Dove - świetny ,tylko szkoda że taki drogi ...
    Wydaje mi się że ten odcień różu byłby dla mnie idealny ☺

  3. Interesuje mnie peeling do ciała od Dve…, zwykle korzystam z body shopu, który pachnie tradycyjnymi jawajskimi przyprawami innych marek.

  4. Very nice post! I like Elf!! Kiss

  5. Looks nice, I love your photos :-D