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Wednesday 2 September 2020

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Review & Swatches

Finally I Tried The Elf Foundation
elf Flawless Finish Foundation Review

 It is not a new release so I don't know how useful this review will be for you, but on the Feelunique foundations ranking been on the second place, just after Huda Beauty #Fauxfilter, so it intrigued me. I have never heard too much about this one, so let's see if it really is as good as their customers claims or maybe most of raving opinions is the result of good marketing ?!

From Producer

Our best-selling liquid foundation now in 40 shades! The lightweight, oil-free formula blends naturally into skin for a beautiful semi-matte finish that lasts all day long. The liquid formula helps restores uneven skin textures and tones for visibly brighter skin. Perfect for all skin-types. 

Elf complexion products
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My Opinion

My skin is: Combination, Irritate,  Spider veins, Dry cheeks, Oily T zone

Price £7.50 but is very often on sale
Glass sturdy packaging
Has a pump
Easily available especially online
Comfortable and lightweight on the skin
Not cakey
Satin finish
Doesn't oxidize
Doesn't dry out or clog the pores
Mixes well with other formulas
Looks good on the wings of the nose
It gives a slight blur effect, the skin looks more smooth
Doesn't gather into mimic lines even after 8 hours where I have some fine lines / wrinkles it still looks smooth, so I suppose it will also be good for mature skin
40 shades also suitable for pale complexions
Super universal, it will be perfect for a wide group of recipients with different needs and skin types

With sponge coverage is light-medium but definitely with a brush you can achieve much better
After about 5 hours shines significantly on the T zone, but still looks ok
Application by Beauty Blender is not that easy. It rubs off a little especially on the nose and forehead, you have to spend more time and effort to have even distribution, but with the Juno sponge is not a case

Mega perfumed similar to Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder
After about 4 hours it starts to wipe off, especially from the chin
It is definitely a foundation that needs to be powdered, especially if you have oily or combination skin and you want longer durability
Is not transfer proof, stays on the mask, fingers if we touch our face, clothes, etc.
Doesn't look good on the top of a highly covering concealer like L'Oreal Infallible Longwear More Than Concealer so it is difficult to building the coverage
⛔Has only 20ml instead 30ml

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Pearl swatches

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Pearl vs maxfactor vs revolution vs bareminerals vs maybelline swatches

Summary :  4.7 / 6

Since I bought it, I have been using this foundation day after day in various combinations. It looks the best set by pressed powder, without strongly covering concealers addition. This is not a perfect foundation, but is easy to manipulate any flaws by for example specific primer or setting spray. Has a pretty good durability, even after many hours it still looks nice especially if you combine it with something mattifying. I really liked reaching for this bad boy. It is not a foundation for bigger occasions for me, but perfect for everyday needs. In my opinion, does it deserve the 2nd best foundation place? Hmm, I definitely know better ones and I wouldn't rate it so highly, but I understand why has so many fans because is very versatile. This formula will work for both mature skin and teenagers.

Do you tried this foundation?
What's your favorite drugstore foundation?


  1. Parece interessante!
    A experimentar!
    Um doce beijinho!💙🌼💙
    Megy Maia🌈

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘

  2. I haven't tried ELF Foundation, but I've good things about it. My favorite drugstore foundations are L’Oreal True Match Foundation and Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

    1. True Match I also really like, especially for the spring - summer season: D Thanks for visiting my blog 🧡🧡

  3. Nie znam tego podkładu ale chętnie bym go sprawdziła u siebie :)

    1. Warto dać mu szansę, jeden z takich fajniejszych na codzień jakie ostatnio miałam:**Buziaczki!!

  4. Nie testowałam jeszcze tych podkładów, ale myślę, że świetnie by się u mnie sprawdziły :)

    1. Na codzienne potrzeby jest naprawdę fajny:**Buziaczki!

  5. I used to get Elf products quite easily in the past but now I cannot find a page that ships in my country without a huge amount to pay for shipping.


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    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘

  7. I like Elf products but haven't tried the foundation yet. Good to know it's decent! Thanks for such a thorough review!

    1. For every day purpose it's really nice option:) Thanks for visiting my blog 🧡🧡


  8. I am so in love with the foundation! I have very dry skin and I never hesitate to wear this, even on my driest days. I recently became interested in matte lipstick and looked around for some. thanks for the review! 😁

    1. Good to know baby:** Elf have also quite nice lipsticks formula:D Thanks for visiting my blog 🧡🧡

  9. Uma marca a que irei prestar atenção futuramente! Parece ter uma excelente gama de produtos!

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment😘😘

  10. Lovely and a detailed review. The images are great!!