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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Pantone Color Of The 2021 Year

Pantone 2021 Inspirations
Pantone 2021 Inspirations

With the new year, the Pantone institute always announces the applicable color for the next 12 months. This time it's not one, but two shades, the combination of which looks particularly beautiful and appetizing. If you want to learn more and see inspirations in makeup, fashion and nails, be sure to check out the rest of the post❕

Of course, the colors announced for 2021 are 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and 13-0647 Illuminating. Whether in combination or solo. This is a perfect choice and it seems to me that this is what we needed in 2021. A little more optimism, joy and good energy, and what can be more associated with it if not sunny yellow ?!

Pantone Color Of The 2021 Year


Unfortunately, in make-up the combination of yellow and gray is not often seen, that's why hard to find a palette containing both of these colors :(. Therefore, the most budget option will be to buy single eyeshadows. However, if you prefer to buy palettes I encourage you to check out post with yellow and cool toned available on the market palettes, will certainly makes it easier for you to choose the perfect one.

2021 eyeshadow trends

pantone 2021 lipsticks

Undoubtedly, for beautiful womans like JL each color of the rainbow on the lips or eyes will look phenomenal. Yellow and gray lips are definitely a treat for the more bold people or Instagram girls who like to play with makeup, but sometimes it is worth leaving your comfort zone.

Nails & Looks

Mega non-obvious and not very popular combination, but whether on the eyes or on the nails it always looks attractive and elegant. What do you think?

pantone 2021 nails

pantone 2021 makeup


If you are not brave enough to use gray and yellow in makeup or you are more interested in fashion trends, I have also prepared a few outfits for you that are worth inspiring.

2021 trends

2021 fashion trends

I must admit that such a combination appeals to me and looks stylish both in make-up, fashion and interior design. Even some time ago I was thinking about such a color scheme in my living room hehe: D. 
Do you like the mix of gray and yellow? 
Will you decide to include both of these colors in your life in 2021 or will you bet only on one?


  1. Fajne połączenie kolorystyczne ❤

  2. Interesting mix this year! I like both grey and yellow polishes :-D

  3. O nie,tylko szary - za żółtym nie przepadam 😁

  4. Muy interesante mezcla. Te deseo una buena semana, te mando un beso

  5. HOLA, HOLA 😊

    Me encanta el color amarillo.


  6. I loved color of the year, it's so cheerful and exactly what we needed

  7. hola
    me encantan los colores

  8. Nice trends. I don't know if I will comply in every aspect but I surely like how it looks!

  9. I love that gray and yellow are paired together this year! The colors are so beautiful!

  10. Love this choices, i use so much this colors


  11. Obydwa kolory bardzo lubię :)
    Cieszę się, że zostały wybrane kolorami roku :)

  12. Yellow is my favorite color! :)

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  13. Oiee! Essas cores são lindas, principalmente oamarelo. Mas realmente não vejo muitas makes com essas duas cores.
    Amei o post

  14. Interesting colors for this 2021
    Thanks for share

  15. Oh wow, amazing, grey and yellow, together are a marriage made in heaven!😃