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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Nabla Side By Side Nude Palette Review & Swatches

Nabla Side By Side Nude Palette
Nabla Side By Side Nude Palette

A few weeks ago you could see the reviews of the highlighter Skin Glazing. Today I don't know how it was happened but we will talk about Nabla again. My fiancé knows me perfectly well and knows that I love eye makeup, so I got the newest Side By Side Nude palette for Christmas, on which review and swatches I truly invite you.

It's no secret that I love Nabla's eyeshadow formula. I already have three palettes from them: Dreamy, Secret and Soul Blooming, so I was very happy when I got another one as a Christmas present. Side By Side Nude is their newest baby, it was released in November 2020 and caught my attention immediately. Costs £ 38 for 12.2g and includes 16 eyeshadows. 
  • Bonjour – A light, rosy nude matte
  • Ray Of Light – A soft champagne foil ( reminds me the Colourpop Super Shock formula)
  • Halftime – A sand matte
  • Magic Moment – A burnt peach duochrome with gold reflects ( reminds me the Colourpop Super Shock formula)
  • Body & Soul – A sheer shade with amber, peach, and pink reflects
  • Paradiso – A intense gold foil
  • Beauty Mark – A soft brown matte
  • Clan – A dark, olive brown matte
  • Burnt Sienna – An intense sienna matte
  • Better Society – A sheer hazel base with nude and bronze reflects
  • Cedar Wood – An intense copper bronze foil
  • Tempera – A dark, reddy-brown matte
  • Rarity – An antique white matte
  • Love Ritual – A cool taupe foil
  • Cubism – A soft grey matte
  • Untitled – A matte black

nabla new brown neutral palette

Nabla Side By Side Nude Palette Review & Swatches

As for the format, it's larger than Dreamy and this time in a vertical position, which makes it a bit different. Is not maybe a defect rather more grumbling, but if someone has more Nabla palettes and would like to keep their collection together, it doesn't look aesthetically and is hard to storage. However, I prefer when brand sticks to a specific format, such as Huda with her mini Obsessions line or Abh. As for the packaging is really solid, looks neat and elegant and also has a large mirror.

nabla eyeshadows and highlighter review
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In this palette, Nabla doesn't surprise us with quality, it is their traditional formula so beloved by everyone. The eyeshadows are very well pigmented and buttery. Only the shade Clan is a bit problematic at work, it can by patchy and it looks a bit dirty, I would definitely replace it with some other one and it is the weakest point of this palette. I had no difficulties with the others. I really like that various formulas have been included here because it gives the whole palette a style and originality.

As I mentioned earlier, these eyeshadows are not demanding at work, so they don't need any special techniques or tricks in the application. The easiest way to apply foils and shimmers is by your finger, but with a synthetic brush it's also possible. However, those with particles such as Body & Soul better to apply on the glitter glue, otherwise after a few hours you can see shiny particles on the rest of the face.

It's the perfect palette for fans of traditional, elegant nudes and browns. You can easily create delicate daily make-up as well as dark smoky. For me it is complete and we don't need to reach for other palettes or single eyeshadows. Side by Side Nude is also very well composed, the shades are perfectly matched with saturation to create nice transitions but you can still see the differences on the eyes. They seems to be on the warmer side, but thanks to Cubism, Love Ritual or Clan, we can create also a cooler tone makeup. Such a safe and classic color scheme was definitely missing in Nabla's earlier proposals. However, I would recommend this palette to people with lighter to medium complexions, because dark-skinned people wouldn't be able to use all of these shades.

All Swatches Are Without Primer
Nabla Side By Side Nude swatches

Nabla Side By Side Nude

Nabla new palette swatches

To sum up, it's a beautiful palette, quite easy to work with, which I will using very often. The particularly rare shade to find somewhere else namely Love Ritual is my favorite but also Ray Of Light and Better Society. I think Side by Side Nude is a great palette to, for example start your adventure with Nabla because here we have the opportunity to test several different finishes and beautifully complement the color stories of the rest. I am very happy that I got her as a gift and as always, Nabla didn't disappoint me.

Do you like such a traditional nude, brown color scheme?
What do you think about this palette, are you planning to buy her?


  1. Ale cudowne kolorki! Dokłądnie takie jakie uwielbiam <3

  2. I love these colors
    Kisses ♥

  3. Hello!! They are wonderful products I hope to be able to buy them soon. I stay for your blog as a follower, I hope, if possible, see you soon on my blog.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll buy it, I'm a total fan of eye makeup and never have enough highlighter anyway. 😃

  5. Piękne odcienie ma ta paleta, chciałabym sobie zrobić makijaż z ich udziałem ;)

  6. I like the glittery shades :-D

  7. Lindos colores, te mando un beso

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I always love looking at eyeshadow palettes, and yours look so whimsical against the floral and star-spangled backdrops. Here's to a year of beautiful eyes!

  9. hello! very nice palette. i like this type of colours. have a great week end!

  10. The Nabla's nude brown palette is very suitable for Asians like me. Although colour palettes with blues, purple and greens are eye catching and attractive, they are not for work or day wear.