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Saturday 8 January 2022

e.l.f. Cosmetics Bite-Size Face Duos Review & Swatches

 e.l.f. Cosmetics Bite-Size Face Duos Better Than Eyeshadow Palettes?!
elf Cosmetics Bite-Size Face Duos

Elf is undoubtedly one of my favorite drugstore brands from which, surprisingly, have worked for me both make-up products and skin care, so during the Black Friday sales I had to check what offers they have. I found Bite Size face duos about which I don't know why, but I totally forgot somehow; d. So if you are curious whether it was a good shopping choice, I invite you to a review.

The Bite Size series is perhaps one of the most popular Elf products at this moment. Contains: eyeshadow palettes, face duos - blush & highlighter, brow palette, lip balms.
So far, I had the opportunity to test one of eyeshadow palette which, didn't steal my heart, but it seems to me that I simply choose the wrong color scheme and if I had bought another one, I would be more happy. So I decided to give this line next more chance and bought two duos.

They cost £3 for 4.6g and contain highlighter and blush. The range is diverse, both pink, orange and purple, the only thing I miss here is a cooler tones. Generally they are available now in eight variants. Both pans are not large but wide enough that you can conveniently insert a brush into them. They are a great option as such as a travel product or having into the handbag. The packaging is plastic but still quite durable, so nothing should get damaged or get dirty. When it comes to their pigmentation, there is nothing to complain about.

You don't need to built them, they are visible on the cheeks and even better be careful not to overdo it: D. The highlighter formula is not dry, but it will definitely not give such a wet effect. If you are looking for a drugstore highlighters with such properties, I can recommend a lot more The Simpsons Makeup Revolution mini highlighter palette, those I like much more, but they are only available in a golden shade. Returning, however, to the Bite-Size duos these are also not very intense highlighters in the glow, they can be slightly built up, but they don't give such an effect visible from space. Much of this depends on what brush is used, with a compact the effect is much more visible, while with a soft brush it is very gentle, so this formula will definitely find a wide range of fans.
When it comes to durability, the highlighters stay on my face all day long but the blushes lose their intensity after a few hours and become less and less visible.

Of course, you can also use both shades as eye shadows and they work just fine for this purpose. Overall, they are a good quality mini-duos, which I especially recommend to buy on all kinds of discounts. Are these the best blushes and highlighters I have ever had? No, but they are enough for such everyday needs. I am also glad that they are not so big because at least I will have the opportunity to finished the first blush in my life hehe: D.

What are your thoughts about the Bite-Size collection? Do you like it or not?
Do you think the Elf should still go in this direction?


  1. elf is certainly among the greatests in cosmetics, great post

  2. Tak, to jest bardzo dobre. Bardzo dziękuję za wizytę na moim blogu. Uścisk.

  3. Elf brand is our favourite brand here. We can find any Elf product easily in online markets (Watson) here. Thanks for the review.