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Sunday 24 October 2021

The Simpsons Makeup Revolution Mini Highlighter Palette "Witch Lisa" Review & Swatches

Revolution The Simpsons Collection For Halloween
Revolution The Simpsons review and swatches

Today I have a real treat for fans of the controversial, sometimes predicting the future cartoon - The Simpsons, namely we'll talk a little more about the latest Revolution x Simspons collection. In addition to an in-depth review and swatches, I will compare the formula of this palette to highlighters from previous Revolution collections, so I strongly invite you to check out this post because it's worth it :)

As we all know very well, every occasion is a good excuse for cosmetic brands to release new makeup and of course it's the same with Halloween. It is quite a controversial holiday, by many people strongly criticized but I will not going deep into it and for me is everyone's individual case what you want to celebrate and what not. 
Backing to the makeup, all these years none Halloween collections impressed me, however this year Revolution launched a line of cosmetics referring to the iconic The Simpsons cartoon, which I liked to watch with my fiance, so I really wanted something: D. The entire collection contains: Treehouse of Horror Witch Lisa Mini Highlighter Palette £10, Treehouse of Horror Raven Bart Mini Shadow Palette £10, Treehouse of Horror Alien Maggie Mini Shadow Palette £10, Treehouse of Horror Vampire Mr. Burns Lip Kit £8, Treehouse of Horror Devil Flanders Lip Kit £8, Treehouse of Horror Donut Head Homer Lip Kit £8, Treehouse of Horror Spooktacular Eyeshadow Palette £20, Treehouse of Horror Spooktacular Face Palette £10, Treehouse of Horror Donut Head Homer Beauty Sponge £6, Treehouse of Horror Witch Lisa and Bart Gruesome Gel Liner £8, Makeup Bag £12, False Lashes Duo £10, Alien Slime Primer £10, Kodos and Kang Gel Slime Lip Mask £6, Brush Set £22. Most of these things I honestly don't need, but the palette of highlighters enchanted me, and I have recently finished one of the single highlighter and I think I have not bought any since then, so I got a free place.

simpsons highlighter

The Mini Highlighter Palette "Witch Lisa" costs £10 / € 6,99 / 39zł for 11g and contains two shades: Ghost Story (warm yellow gold) and Haunted House (icy gold) and is only available in this version. As for the color scheme, it will be perfect for pale or little bit tanned complexions, with warmer brown tones it will be visibly cut off on the cheeks, especially the lighter shade. Perfect for every day or can be built up for a more visible glow. As can be seen in the pictures the pan has an embossed image of skeleton Lisa and Bart, which of course nicely refers to the whole concept of the collection. The packaging is cardboard, with a small mirror, in a dark black Halloween vibe with "Witch Lisa" on a broom.

Revolution Simpsons worth to pick up?

Revolution Simpsons highlighters swatches

Inside there is also a foil that protects against dirt, but I met for the first time that the edge was made at an angle of 45 degrees, which in my opinion is really useful and I even don't want to throw it away. I have already in the past few Revolution highlighters, but I must admit that in this palette they went a step further in the formula. It is incredibly delicate, buttery, blends beautifully into the skin and gives a beautiful effect of radiant, healthy skin. I heard opinions that it is the same formula as in the case of highlighters from cooperation with the  influencer Sophx, but I didn't have the opportunity to try them, so I can't check this out and if you have both palettes, please let as know if it is true. When it comes to the main differences of this palette to other highlighters I have from Revolution, it is definitely less powdery, reflects light better thanks to which it gives a more natural effect and doesn't emphasize the texture of the skin. This formula doesn't require any special brush in application, so it is also great for people who are less experienced in makeup.

The Simpsons Makeup Revolution Mini Highlighter Palette "Witch Lisa" vs Revolution Sophx

Honestly, I thought that this review will be much shorter and here I wrote like crazy hehe, so summing up my impressions about the Mini Highlighter "Witch Lisa" palette I can truly recommend it to you. It is probably a limited edition, so if you can only put your hands on it, is definitely worth it because the formula is really nice, the colors are very usefull, the price is not that high, and if you like The Simpsons, it can be a nice addition to your makeup collection.

What do you think about this collection? 
Have you watched or are you maybe still watching the Simpsons?


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