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Sunday 1 April 2018

March Favorites


Hey everyone, 
Today's post in the series which I like the most so favorites of the month. Surely everyone knows what this is all about but if not, these are the products that I most used and liked in the previous month, 
                            so let's get started !                           

Benton  Snail Bee High Content Essence
benton snail cosmetic

As my fiancé says the turtle serum because he mistook the animals hehe. It makes the skin moisturized, tense, I think that since I use it my problems with skin have also been reduced! This serum definitely will stay with me for longer.

Bourjois Healthy Mix

Bourjois Healthy Mix review

After the holiday I had a mega dry face. Through the sun, salted water and change of water I had a lot of dry skin so I needed something that would give a wet moisturizing effect. The Healvy Mix turned out to be ideal, thanks to which the skin regained its radiance, healthy appearance and comfort. Before the holidays I liked to use it in a duet with Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour about what I wrote to you in the post with 
review this foundation.

Dove Pear & Aloe Vera Anti-perspirant


Under the post about these deodorants one of you wrote that her favorite is pear version , so I decided to try it out. I must admit that I fell in love with this fragrance, even one day a friend from work asked me what a beautiful perfume I have when I was using only this <wow> 😄😄antiperspirant. I love and thank you very much for the command.

Essence False Lash Effect Mascara Princess Black

essence mascara

I love this mascara because it gives the effect of volumed and elongated eyelashes. It costs only £ 3.30, so you must try it. Beautiful and very girlish packaging also pleases your eyes. I must admit that the essence brand has a lot of really cool cosmetics. 

Nacomi Black Cumin Oil
Black Cumin Oil

I use this oil for mixing with clays and it works wonderfully. My skin looks a lot better, I don't have pimples, started to be very calm and healthy.


cosmetic for burn skin

After holiday my face was terribly burned, which looked very unattractive and unaesthetic. On the forehead I even had something like a burned crust which was difficult to heal. In act of desperation I reached for Sudocream and it was a shot in 10! After 2 days of use there was no trace of burn but only a beautiful tan and healthy smooth skin. This cosmetic is my total salvation, I know that it will certainly be helpful also in the future. Wonderful!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

missha bb cream

In a post about this bb cream I mentioned that I use it in two ways.  When packing for the holidays, I stated that because it has such a high uv factor it can be nice to protect against the sun and delicate alignment of skin color. It 's obvious that when we enter to the water or sunbathe we don't want to apply on the face anything that will be heavy, which after a while will wipe off from some places and we will look ridiculous. It turned out that I was right and worked really great in this role. Protected my face from the sun very well because when I didn't apply Missha one day I was burned like a crayfish: D.It gives so small coverage and is not visible on the skin that even my fiancé smeared his face with it.

What are your favorite cosmetics on this month?
Please let me know below👇😍

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