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Saturday 23 May 2020

New Makeup Releases May

New Makeup Releases May

If you missed palettes in the last episode, we are now coming back with doubled power: D. There were a lot of more or less interesting launches but I have the impression that due to the curent virus situation in the world a lot of companies are holding back with new collections postponing them for the rest of the year and I'm not surprised at all. Anyway, I invite you to the May review.

1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cremated Collection  The Gloss $18, Palette $58, Metal Straw Set $19.99, White Marble Makeup Bag $25, Black Marble Travel Bag $30
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cremated Collection

Jeffree as usual mega surprised with his vision and I must admit that this palette is beautiful! Finally, something in a more cool, daytime tones. Maybe the name is not exactly appropriate now but it was certainly created long before the pandemic, do you agree?

2. Colourpop All Things Palette & Solstice Palette  $14 Palette, Lux Liquid Lip $8

3. Maybelline 
Color Strike Eyeshadows  $6.99
Maybelline  Color Strike Eyeshadows

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation Now In A Pouch  $7.99
For me it is a perfect example of how to earn even more on one and the same idea. I appreciate the new concept, mini versions if someone wants to try but the whole concept of trave with such packaging is a little pointless to me. To be honest I would be more afraid that something would spill, will be have a hole etc. than a traditional bottle. An ordinary tube would probably be more practical, what do you think?

4. Melt Four Twenty Collection  £49 Palette, £16 Gel Liner

5. Buxom Staycation Vibes Collection  $28
Buxom Staycation Vibes Collection

6. Haus Laboratories Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette  $48  
Haus Laboratories Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette

The colors are a bit random and I'm not sure if they will work well together. I also saw several reviews of this palette and unfortunately the quality wasn't worth the price :(

7. Armani Beauty Neo Nude Foundation  £32

8. Kerastase Huile Sirene Beach Waves Bi-Phase Oil Mist  From £24.80 To £80.60

9. Juvias Place Wahala Palette  £49.95
Juvias Place Wahala Palette

This is Juvia's first palette which also contains glitters. Something new, quite cool, however doesn't convince me to buy. I have a lot of Juvia's palettes, I love their eyeshadow formula but on this year I'm taking a break from them and want to try some other brands.

10. Huda Beauty Mascara  £24 
Huda Beauty Mascara

11. ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Volume 4  £68
ABH Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Volume 4

This palette is very nice although it looks a bit like a mix of all the previous ones. This is a limited edition if you are interested and probably the last ABH palette on this year.

12. Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Spring-Summer Collection  £35 Palette, £15 Lip Gloss

13. Glossier Hand Cream  £16

14. Sugery Cosmetics Sugary Scoops Ice Cream Collection  From £10 To £25
The packaging is perfect for this time of the year, just screaming summer: D.

15. Loreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream  Available Soon
Loreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Cream

16. Too Faced Papaya Eyeshadow Palette $34 & Strobing Bronzer Highlighting Duo in Toasted Pine $30
Too Faced Papaya Eyeshadow Palette

These are another color options for the existing Tutti Frutti collection 🍓🍉🍌

17. Sephora Collection Lip Stories Natural Wonders  $9
Sephora Collection Lip Stories Natural Wonders

18. Revolution Etc.
Revolution Beauty x Roxxsaurus Collection  £10 Lip Bundle, £10 Blush Palette 
I already had Revolution lip glosses and the pigmentation and shades were nice but the durability poor, so I would rather try some other formulas.

Makeup Revolution Summer Glow Collection  From £6 To £15
Makeup Revolution Summer Glow Collection

XX Revolution  Available Soon
XX Revolution

XX Revolution will be their next brand whose products will be available from next month. It has to be more luxurious and of course more expensive. I totally don't understand why they couldn't add these cosmetics to Revolution Pro line if should also be more pro, with better quality etc.. I don't buy it and is strange to me :(

19. NARS Orgasm X Collection  From $25To $52

20. ELF SRSLY Satin Lipstick Collection  £3
Colors, packaging resemble me of KKW and the manufacturer's description I also liked, so one of them Nectar I have already bought and a review will appear soon :).

21. Sample Beauty The Prodigy Jewel Toned Palette  £20

22. Charlotte Tilbury Desert Haze Palette £40, Airbrush Bronzer £39, The Air-Brush £32

23. Viseart Spritz Edit  £30
Nice palette, however a bit too similar to the previous one, at the beginning I even thought that this is Paris Edit on the picture hehe. They should definitely put more creativity to attract customers.

24. Kiko Milano Tuscan Sunshine Collection  From £4.99 To £16.99
Kiko Milano Tuscan Sunshine Collection

25. Lottie London x Laila Loves Palettes  £5.95
I have never had anything from them but immediately the first thought was Huda Neon Obsessions palettes. The colors are very similar, so it can be their potential dupe, for only £5.95, so is worth giving them a chance. I wanted to buy one of them but all were unfortunately already sold out :(.

26. The Inkey List Hair Care Collection  From £7.99 To £14.99
The Inkey List Hair Care Collection

27. Wayne Goss Lip Collection  Lipstick $28, Lip Pencil $14, Shine Gloss $22
The Wayne's brand is nothing new, he has been selling brushes for years, but this time he went a step further and finally released makeup. The new lip collection contains lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners. All shades look really beautiful, they will certainly be very popular.

28. Gucci Poudre De Beaute  £46
It is a simple pass for me, £46 for powder wow🙄

29. Tart SEA Hydrocealer Concealer  £24
Shape tape is their best selling product, so cool that they added something more moisturizing to their range. Everything what hydra is now really trendy so it has the most sense.

30. Urban Decay Ultra Violet Palette  Available Soon
Urban Decay Ultra Violet Palette

What do you think about these new launches, something caught your attention?
I hope you are doing well and I wish you great day


  1. I ordered JS palette, gloss and both bags :) Really liking the kiko collection

    1. To daj koniecznie znać czy fajna jest ta paleta bo jak narazie opinie są takie 50/50:***

  2. Some colourful palettes here :-D

  3. I want to get the ABH Norvina 4 Palette, and the UD Ultraviolet Palette.

    1. I would like to, but this ABH palette is definitely not in my budget 😥😥

  4. Ta kolekcja Make up Revolution mi się najbardziej podoba 😍

    1. Ta głownie do ciała? :**Również pozdrawiam!

  5. What a huge choice! Most women will be delighted :).

  6. They look nice! With new tax system they carry out because of COVID-19, makeup products are so expensive in my country. I won't be able to buy them for some time. :D

    1. Ohh sad to hear that :( Which country are you from? **

  7. Uma série de boas novidades, por aqui!!! Tenho de ir ver de perto, os novos batons da Sephora, e as paletas de sombras da Revolution...
    Adorei o post! Beijinhos