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Wednesday 22 April 2020

New Makeup Releases April

New Makeup launches collections April

In this monthly new releases I decided that I would do a kind of challenge for myself and I would not mention about eyeshadow palettes at all, unless they will be included in collections. Usually they dominate and not for everyone eyes makeup is essential, not everyone is interested in this category, so I thought that I would do something different than always :).

1. Revlon Candid Glow Foundation  So far Not Available In UK

So far the Glow version is available only in the USA but I will keep an eye on it because I really like the original Candid. It would be nice if they will be also released the more coverage version the next time.

2. Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray  £47

3. Dominique Cosmetics Skin Gloss Collection  $25

4. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cannabis Mirrors  £25

Jeffree mentioned that the Cannabis collection will be also included green lip gloss but due to technical problems caused by the virus, so far its production has been suspended. We will see if in the next weeks this collection will be expanded by something else, maybe a eyeshadow palette.. Who knows:D

5. Essence Bronzed This Way Matt Bronzer Summer Collection 2020

Essence recently surprises me with the amount of new products and designs, everything looks really neat and more expensive

6. Milk Makeup
The Kush Triple Brow Pen  $22

Quick Fix Set  £21

I'm not sure if this mini set is something new, but I just discovered it recently, so if you have an eye on Milk Makeup, you want to get familiar with their cosmetics a little closer then this is a great option. I already bought my set, so on next week should be appear a post with review.

Melatonin Overnight Serum $36  & Overnight Lip Mask $22
Milk Makeup Melatonin

7. Mac x Selena Part 2 & Bronzing 2020 Collection  Lipstick $20, Makeup Bag $35, Palette $35, Skinfinish $37, Matte Liquid Lipstick $23, Pencil $19

8. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil Infused Serum  £52

9. Tarte Shape Tape Waterproof Body Makeup  £33 + Tone Tool Brush  £28
Tone Tool Brush
Link    Link

10. Wishful Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask  Wishful Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask  £8

You can definitely see that Huda was inspired by the Korean skincare, so among such cosmetics you can find much cheaper Wishful dupes if you are interested.

11. Covergirl Clean Fresh Prep & Set Water Mists  $9.99

12. Becca Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter  £32

13. Bobbi Brown Flower Motif Summer 2020 Collection  Available From Next Month

14. I Heart Revolution Tasty 3D Highlighter Collection  £6

These highlighters are very cute but I have probably already 4 open from Revolution, so don't need another one :(

15. Glow Recipe Watermelon The Glow PHA +BHA Pore-Tight Toner  £31

16. Nabla Cutie Collection  Palette £21.50, Lipstick £12.50, Multi-use Pencil £14.50

I was thinking about buying the first palette because they were on sale at Beauty Bay but I truly have similar shades, so I refrained.

17. Zoeva Authentik Skin Setting Powder  £20.50

18. Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation  £12.99

The packaging immediately reminds me of the new foundation from Estee Lauder and Revolution Pro: D According to the manufacturer it's supposed to be ,,lightweight for a breathable, barely-there feel that can be easily blended for a natural finish,,. Until now I was rather unlucky with Maxfactor foundations, so for now is not on my wishlist.

19. Lush New Bubble Bars  Around £6

20. Farsali Quench Serum  $24

21. Innisfree x Mentos No Sebum Powder  £7.65

This edition is added with the sweet and fresh flavor of Mentos candy to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the No Sebum Mineral Powder. Innisfree's collaborations are always surprising and charming.❤

22. Lancome L'Absolu Mademoiselle Lip Balms  £27

23. Anastasia Beverly Hills 
Norvina Electric Cake Liners  Coming Soon   

Mini Lip Gloss Set  £29

This shades are really pretty and the price is not too bad for 4 products, so I think I will buy this set:💄💸

24. Stila Summer 2020 Collection  Palette £32, Lip & Cheek Stick £19, Mascara £19, Lip Gloss £14, Double Liquide Eyeshadow £24

25. Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Collection £60 Serum Crystal Elixir, Cream Light and  Lip Oil Coming Soon   

26. Ulta x Black Widow collection  Palette $20, Lip Gloss $10, Bag $16, Brushes From $10 To $20

27. Catrice Matte Pro Ink Liquid Lipsticks  5,69€

28. YSL Black Opium Storm Illusion Eau De Parfum  £68

This is a limited series, so if you are interested, I advise you to hurry up with the purchase.

29. Elf The Sheer Slick Lipstick  £5

This formula was inspired by the summer days of biting into juicy, delicious fruit whats sound really yummy.🍇🍉🍒

30. Kiehls The Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum  £42

Let me know if you would like to see this posts once in a while without eyeshadow palettes or do you like the standard concept more? 
If you watch this series just for eyeshadows please let me know😊


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