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Friday 2 August 2019

New Makeup Releases July

new launches july/ August

On this month I'm a bit late but that's fine.
 Let's find out if there is something worth attention, worth to reduce our home budget or noth.

1. Jouer Cosmetics
Mini Blush Bouquet Dual Palette Rose Gold £15
Review & Swatches

Now they released a mini version of this blush, so a great cheaper option because we all know that is really difficult to finish such a large capacity.

Lip Enhancer Shine Balm  £15

2. Dose Of Colors Meet Your Hue Foundation $36

3. Tarte New Rainforrest of the Sea Collection  Concealer £24, Foundation £33, Primer £14, Setting Powder £33,  Mist £11, Eyeshadow Palette £30,  Lipstick £20

4. Ofra x Samantha March Collaboration  Highlighter $29,  Lip Set $39

I like a lot this youtuber but it's a pity that she couldn't create something that they didn't have already. For sure it would be even better and encouraging more to buy this collaboration.

5. Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation £29.50

6. KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Collection  Palette $45, Eyeliner $10, Lip gloss $18

It seems to me that Kim is late in the game with this collection because time for warm brick tones already gone. If she would released such a palette on the last summer, it could be a hit but now I think everyone has these shades in their collection.

7. Beautyblender New Brushes  From $22 To $60

When I was the first time saw these brushes, I immediately thought about what they have at the end? Well this is a ,,innovative cooling rollerball tip sculpts and depuffs so skin appears prepped and lifted before makeup application''. First time I see something like this and I like it, I wonder if it really works and will be practical  hmm:D...

8. Garnier Certified Organic Skincare From £5.99

I have given Garnier skin care a chance many times in the past but unfortunately always something has been wrong ...

9. NYX Born to Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation  $10
↪Review & Swatches Of   Foundation  Concealer

10. Coty Airspun Loose Highlights Soon Available

11. Revolution & Other Related
Revolution x Jack Palette  £10

I Heart Revolution Tasty Collection Palette £10,  Blush £4, Highlighter £4 
I Heart Revolution fruit blush highlighter
Link     ↘Review Of Peach Collection

If only I didn't have already a lot of Revolution highlighters, I would buy one of these because these fruits patterns on the pans looks stunning.

Revolution Skin New Tonics £10  Oil £10
12. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation  Soon Available

13. Estee Lauder x Duro Olowu  Eyeshadow Palette £43, Eyeliner £19, Lipstick £27

14. OPV Beauty Tropical Dreams Palette  £30  Loose Pigments £8.50

The packaging is really cute but the palette itself doesn't really speak to me, maybe because this picture is not very flattering hmmm ...

15. Zoeva Glow Collection  Eyeshadow Palette £15, Drops £16.50, Glow Lights £16.50

Is not a surprise that there is nothing interesting in the new products of this brand for me. Somehow, despite the fact that the price is still attractive, I'm not drawn to their cosmetics at all and I rarely do even a double take. 

16. Bperfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette  £42
Review & Swatches

Now when the whole palette is shown, I don't know if I want it, what do you think?

17. Colourpop 
Orange You Glad & Uh-Huh Honey Palette Each  $12
Link   Link

This is are another palettes from the monochrome series, previous ones were kept in red, green, blue, pink, brown and violet. I have a gray-blue eye iris, that's why I don't love yellow and orange and I do not feel attractive in such colors, that's why it's nothing for me. I plan to place an order on the Colourpop website but definitely I will not buy these palettes. 

Just A Tint Lipstick $4.20

Colourpop Strawberry Collection  Palette $12, Face Milk $14, Gloss $7, Blush $8, Face Oil $8, Jelly Shadow $8

SOL Body Shimmering Dry Oil  $15

ColourPop x Halo Top Collection  $12

California Love Collection  Palette $18,  Bundle $25

This palette is really beautiful and perfect for everyday makeup

18. Sugar Cosmetics Pineapple Collection  Palette £24, Highlight Palette £15

This packaging is mega eye-catching and so summery🌄🏂

19. Iconic London The Brow Silk  £20

First time I see such an applicator similar to a toothbrush, so nice that something unique appears. I saw the first reviews and was really working. It is a product that doesn't fill eyebrows with color but makes them more fluffy and raised. I have a natural hairy eyebrows, so I don't need this effect but for someone else it can be great product.

20. Anastasia Beverly Hills
 Luminous Foundation $38  Launching August 4th 

I am very curious about this foundation because it has medium coverage with a natural finish, so something what I like. Surely this new Anastasia's launch will be appearing everywhere in the social media, so we will see after the first reviews, whether it will be worth attention and price.

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner  $18  Launching August 6th 

There are so many good budget friendly eyeliners on the market that I don't see reason why to overpay.

21. Benefit BADgal BANG! Limited Edition Mascara  £22

22. The Queen Collection Fumi X Juvia's Place $15 Palette, $16 Bag, $10 Lip Glosses, $50  Full Bundle

This is the first collaboration of Juvia's Place with influencer. It is not difficult to guess that is more dedicate to a dark complexion, so the shades of these lip glosses are not likely to be suitable to a fair skins like mine. New palette is intended for eye and facial makeup and I admit that it caught my eye, what do you think?

23.  The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque £9.90

I'm surprised by the amount of new foundations and Colourpop collections wow, are they ever sleep hehe? I think that one of these foundation I will buy for testing but I don't know which one yet. 
Let me know if something caught your attention and what are you currently looking for?


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  4. those blush colors are so pretty.

  5. Really great products thanks for sharing :)

  6. I love these new releases! Big plus that they're super affordable!

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    1. Most of them are hehe, I try not to choose these mega expensive ones :D I'm glad that you like this post:**

  7. All amazing I love the Garnier Organics and so many other items here Thanks a lot for sharing them xoxo Cris

  8. These lip shine balms look awesome. I'm totally a lips girl!

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